Wonder Woman 1984 is most likely going to be delayed ‘again’

Patty Jenkins, the director of Wonder Woman, 1984 has admitted that she is not confident of the December release date of the movie. Many WB and DC Films have been delayed due to COVID. Wonder Woman itself was delayed earlier and now it looks like it is going to be delayed again.

Wonder Woman 1984

WW1984 takes place during the cold war between the USA and USSR. Wonder Woman will have a new villain in Barbara Ann Minerva/Cheetah. Steve Trevor has also miraculously returned in this movie. And Pedro Pascal is also playing a key role in the movie.

Speaking with Variety, Jenkins said that she isn’t confident of anything right now. Due to COVID, they are hesitant to take any decision right now. And most probably, the movie might not release this year.

If Wonder Woman 1984 gets pushed back, it will be its fifth delay. The movie was originally supposed to release in November 2019. Warner Brothers have delayed all its movies due to the pandemic. In fact, 2021 doesn’t have a single DC release. WW 1984 might be the only DC movie releasing in 2021. When asked, if the movie would release on HBO MAX. Jenkins replied that they are not even considering that. As they want the audience to experience the movie on a big screen.

So, at this point, the delaying of WW seems imminent. Given the current COVID situation, WB would surely delay the movie. And also their recent movie, TENET failed at the box office. So, they might not want to take risks anymore.

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