Snapdragon 765G- Is it the right choice for Google?

Google has decided to ditch the flagship processors for a mid-range one in its pixel series. Pixel has always been the flagship for Google. But, this year unlike other flagships Google didn’t use the Snapdragon 865/865+. But instead went with the mid-range 765G chipset from Snapdragon. So, was this a good move. If you ask me, I think this is a good choice, here are a few reasons for it.

Not comprising much on performance

Snapdragon 765G is a very capable processor. It borrows some of the key features from the 800 series. It has Qualcomm’s high-end Computer Vision Image Signal Processor to run demanding image processing tasks. It basically has all the features Google needs to do their crazy image processing tasks like HDR+, or Night Mode, etc. It also supports Pixel 5’s 90Hz refresh rate, an FHD+ display, fast charging, 4K 60fps recording, and 5G connectivity.

5G support

Last year, Google received a lot of criticism for not having 5G connectivity. So, this year they added it, without increasing the cost. The biggest plus point of 765G is that, despite being a mid-range chipset, it supports 5G. Almost all 5G phones right now are over $1000, and to have 5G connectivity at just $699 is a pretty sweet deal. And realistically speaking, Google has struggled to sell $1000 dollar phones, so having all basic features at a cheaper price might just be what they need to boost their sales.

Better battery life

One of the biggest problems for all Pixel devices until now has been their poor battery life. But not having a very demanding chip will reduce power consumption. And Pixels will finally be able to give good battery life.

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So, all things considered, I feel Snapdragon 765G is the right decision from Google. They haven’t been able to make a mark with their previous flagship and the only devices that they have managed to sell is their budget ‘a’ series. So, maybe having a lower price and giving all the necessary features might just prove to be what Google needs to get a substantial market share. But do let us know in the comments section, what you think about this change?

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