Fortnite has a playtime of over 10 million years

According to the report published by GAME, Fortnite has been played for over 10 million years of playtime. This is more than the time for which humans have inhabited Earth.

Fortnite is the most played game in the world. The second most played game, World of Warcraft has almost half the amount of playtime. These two are followed by Overwatch, GTA 5, and Witcher 3.

10 million years is HUGE!

According to scientists, humans first appeared on earth around 30,000 years ago. But the genus from which are species are derived, “HOMO”, is believed to have appeared roughly 2.3 million years ago. Even 2.3 million years fall short when compared to Fortnite’s and Warcraft’s playtime. Fortnite has even surpassed the estimated divergence of gorillas. Gorillas are believed to have appeared 8-10 million years ago.

All of this can be credited to the fact that Epic Games created a great game. A game that was free for all to play. A great game that school going kids could play with their friends, without spending a single dime. A game that became so addictive that people spend 10 million years worth of playtime, playing it.

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