Discord and its strategies for making money

Discord is a very well know chat app that is meant for gamers. Even people who don’t like games love to play in discord. Jason Citron introduced this application and it is so successful that it is yielding $104 million from 2011. So, how does discord make money? Let us just check on this in detail in this article.

Discord and its offerings:

If you are a game lover, you will seriously love Discord. Discord is not only meant for gaming but also for chatting purposes. Very interesting know! Just go through the list of Discord’s offerings which are listed below.

  • You can just audio chat with Discord app. There is a free voice over internet protocol –VoIP through which you can voice chat for free with your friends.
  • Bots are allowed on Discord. In Discord, there are few bots developed by many developers which one would see on varied Discord servers. For e.g. there’s one bot that reacts to whatever user types in the discord software.
  • The server is encrypted and the information is passed on this way. Discord secures all IP addresses and it helps to get rid of DDoS attacks.
  • Discord can be installed in PC and mobile. It is similar to applications like WhatsApp, chat app located in the smartphone. You can actually change the settings also to send a few more messages.

Discord’s revenue streams:

Discord do not possess advertisements and it is just absolutely free to use. Discord app uses money from Discord Nitro application. They have also planned to consume money through sound packs and stickers. Discord makes revenue through Discord Nitro, Optional cosmetic items, and Discord Garment shop.

  1. Discord Nitro
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Discord Nitro is a paid subscription of $4.99 a month to help Discord. This is not mandatory for all users using Discord. But there are added features if one installs this subscription.

  • Discord tag will be given to consumers using it. The number mentioned in the tag is decided by you.
  • The animated avatar appears if some other users are using it above your name. You can get a GIF avatar on your profile and the GIF plays whenever someone mouses over your name in chat.
  • High-quality screen share. Discord Nitro helps one to upload greater resolution (720p 60fps / 1080p 30fps) screen share in your chat. Screen share makes others to view what’s present on your screen that will make good games on the subscription plan.

Now Discord has 100 million users. Only a lesser number of people are using this with a subscription. With this, the company could use only a few per cent of income.

2. Optional Cosmetic Items

Cosmetic things are nothing but stickers and other sound devices which are used for upgrading user adventures. Stickers are quite popular these days and you can select them through online, Facebook Messenger and other messaging apps.

Skins are nothing but features which are there for improving the look of Discord on the screen. Think of it as changing a template or a background. One can use these games without the skins also.

3. Discord Garment shop

Discord has its Garment shop manufacturing t-shirts, caps, and hosieries. There is no proper record for this earning from their end but they have earned little amount through this garment shop.

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