An Indian Alternative To PUBG Is Announced Merely 48 Hours; The Meme Fest Is Already Here!

FAU-G an Indian Alternative to PUBG has already been announced merely 48 hours after the Indian Government banned 118 Chinese apps or apps by Chinese developers. The reason these apps were banned by the Indian Government was that according to the Indian Government, they threaten the “sovereignty and security” of India.

FAU-G is short for Fearless And United Guards. PUBG’s developer, Tencent Games considered India to be one of their biggest money-making countries, because of the obsession of the people regarding the game. Now that the Indian Government has banned these apps, it is official that the game has faced a huge loss. The statement huge loss is also an understatement since the loss faced by Tencent games was over 100 million dollars.

Now that there is a huge need for games, and apps like PUBG and CamScanner, many people, Indians as well as non-Indians are rushing to develop replacements for these apps. Whenever FAU-G game gets launched, it will be a breath of fresh air for the PUBG lovers.

Why Was The Game Even Considered to Be Developed?

The game is being supported by none other than beloved/hated Mr Akshay Kumar. He took it to twitter to announce this game in order to support the atmanirbhar moment by our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

Not only this, but Akshay Kumar also mentioned in his tweet that the players themselves will be the ‘fauji’s’. The players will also learn about the sacrifices of our soldiers. Apart from this, if this game couldn’t have been more Indian, a part of the proceeds (20%) will be donated to the Bharat Ke Veer Fund.

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It is also known that the game FAU-G was developed because of our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s ‘Vocal for Local’ vision and go for Indian products and services for an ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat.’ It remains to be seen how to game is like in terms of gameplay.

Other than this, Akshay Kumar himself is the son of an Army Officer. This is also the reason he is known to support the cause related to the Indian Army. He was the key to setting up the trust. He also helped with the concept of the game, according to Gondal.

Gondal stated that “He (Kumar) came up with the title of the game, FAU-G,”. It is also known that Akshay Kumar expects 200 million-plus users within the year the game is launched. The game is set to be launched in October.

What Was The Reaction Of The Twitter Community?

The twitter community had mixed reactions. That is something that is expected from a population of billions of people, but some of them also spent their precious time making the memes. Here are a few hilarious ones.

There have to be a few who compared the two and reminded us of our childhood in the process.

And then there were few who were elated that they had a replacement of PUBG on its way. Mainly, so they could play it during their online classes.

Akshay Kumar announcing FAU-G bought in a mix of emotions. Especially with these memes, it’s very clear people did not hold back, at any cost.

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