Unlock secret Roswell Alien skater in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2: Where to find all alien plushies.


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The Tony hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 has been a favorite among the adventure-seeking gamers around the world. Along with fabulous adventure missions this game also offers is mysterious gameplay options. For the people who are familiar with this game would already know that the Roswell alien is the hardest to get a hold on. But once you unlock the Roswell alien you’ll have the best gameplay possible as the character comes with its own unique moves such as Beam Me Up, Warp speed, and much more.

This aspect of the game also comes with the max out the status, which enhances the gameplay experience with this character. But it takes serious giving skills to unlock the Roswell alien. The player needs to collect all the alien plushies in the tony hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2. There are 2019 alien plushies and one being dotted on each level. These alien plushies are difficult to find because they are smaller than any of the other markers on the map in the game.

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Where to find all alien plushies?

And to make this conquest of alien plushies more difficult the makers of the game have hidden these tiny plushies in the corners of the map where the player usually never looks. Still, there are some possible places where you can unlock the secret of Roswell alien. Some places are listed below:

1. Warehouse

2. School 

3. Skatepark

4. Downtown

5. Downhill Jam

6. Burnside

7. Streets

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8. Roswell

9 The Hanger

10. School 2

11. Marseille

12. NY city

13. Skatestreet.

These were some of the many many places where these alien places can be found. But locating these places on the map can be another tough job for a beginner in the game. There are many other sources that can help you find the plus she is in the game. it is evident that after unlocking the Roswell alien the fun in the game multiplies. But we shall never forget the traditional purpose of the game is to introduce challenges in front of you.

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