Avengers 5: Thor is the Only Avenger From the OG The Avengers Squad Left to Enter Marvel Phase 4

With the culmination of the Infinity Saga, the Marvel Cinematic Universe said goodbye to few superheroes while welcomed a new and young one. The Avengers movies have always been successful to the Marvel Studios, and they would probably develop a fifth one. The reports claim that the studio is currently working on creating a new era of superheroes that will join hands in the next Avengers.

The Avengers released in 2012, with six superheroes teaming up to defeat the evil that Loki had brought on New York. The original superheroes were Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye, and Black Widow. There are theories going on the internet claiming that the Thor will be only the superhero in fifth Avengers movie from the original line-up.

Here’s how Thor will be alone in Phase 4 and in the next Avengers movie.

Thor, the mighty God of Thunder, has been around the cinematic universe since the 2011’s Thor. Thor wasn’t much popular in his early days in the cinematic universe, and his first two standalone movies didn’t live up to the expectations. Thor’s popularity exceptionally increased with the third Thor movie, Thor Ragnarok and Avengers. Fans reportedly voted Thor as the third-most-popular superhero in the MCU and the Avengers.

Marvel Studios have already confirmed the return of Thor in a fourth standalone movie, Thor Love and Thunder. This makes him the only original superhero to head into the fourth phase, and eventually lead the next Avengers. Iron Man had a tragic end in the cinematic universe. The fan-favourite billionaire and playboy sacrificed himself for the sake of humanity. Captain America is now an older man, who passed his mantle to his friend Sam Wison, aka Falcon.

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The actors, who portrayed the character reportedly said that they are done with the superhero thing. Black Widow’s sacrificed herself to get the soul stone in Avengers: Endgame to restore humanity. Hawkeye is getting his own Disney+, and won’t return in the cinematic universe.  As for the big Hulk, the character’s unusual rights in Disney would prevent him from appearing in future MCU films. So, as thing stand, Thor will be the only remaining superhero from the OG squad to lead in Avengers 5 and Phase 4.



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