Home Technology OnePlus Smartwatch to be Launch, Date specs, price and more.

OnePlus Smartwatch to be Launch, Date specs, price and more.

OnePlus Smartwatch to be Launched Soon

OnePlus has been making affordable mid-ranged smartphones for a while now. However, in the world of fast-paced growing technology, phones are not the only requirements. The company later has launched a Smart Tv and now there is something new. It looks like OnePlus might be getting ready to finally launch a smartwatch. It was recently spotted on an Indonesian Regulatory site. The site lists the OnePlus Smartwatch model W201GB, but no other specifications have been mentioned. 

What can we expect from the OnePlus Smartwatch?

According to the site listing, OnePlus Smartwatch is a low power, short-range device and is termed as a wearable watch. However, not much is known about the features yet. The company hasn’t disclosed anything as of now, but we can expect the same soon. We can expect the smartwatch to have Google’s wear OS. Apart from everything, what we can be sure about is that the smartwatch will be worth a buy. This is because they have waited a long time to get a smartwatch into their portfolio. The company didn’t want to launch a product until they are totally confident. 

When will the  Smartwatchbe launch?

Since the watch has already received certification, we can expect it to be launched worldwide by the end of this year. Although, this is not the first time that we are hearing about it. In 2015, the company had revealed that they are working on a smartwatch. Unfortunately, nothing came up. Later in 2016, once again, it was stated by the CEO of OnePlus that they designed the smartwatch. However, they scrapped the plan soon. He said that almost every major OEM has a smartwatch and so, adding one more to the Competition would end up weakening the strong OnePlus line. 

Also, it is speculated that OnePlus Smartwatch might be launched along with OnePlus 8T.


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