Linda Hamilton Net Worth 2021: Life Style and Career

Linda was born in Maryland. Her father was a physician who passed away when she was five. Linda’s mother then married a police officer. Linda herself said in an interview that she had a boring childhood. She would “voraciously read books.” She studied at Wicomico Middle School and Wicomico High School in Salisbury. Then she moved to New York in order to pursue acting studies. There, she was told by her professor that she had no hope in her career. This did not stop Linda. In New York, she was mentored by Lee Strasberg. And therefore what is Linda Hamilton Net Worth 2021? So let’s find that out.

Linda Hamilton Net Worth 2021 and Lifestyle

Linda Hamilton Net Worth 2021: Life Style and Career

Linda Hamilton currently lives in New Orleans. She has been through two divorces in her lifetime. She voted for the Republican candidate, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is also her co-star in the Terminator series. Her intensive career and hard work have made Linda Hamilton Net Worth 2021 a whopping $70 million.

Linda Hamilton Career

Linda Hamilton started off slow as a professional. Her debut was in small roles in a few TV series. Her big break was when she was cast in TAG: The Assassination Game (1982). This was such a success for her that she was listed in “The Most Promising New Actors of 1982” in John Wills’ Screen World.

Linda Hamilton Net Worth 2021: Life Style and Career

Then there was no stopping for her. She took over the role of Sarah Connor in The Terminator. She then went on to be a critical cast in the series.

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Who is Leslie Hamilton?

Not many people know this but Linda is the twin sister of Leslie Hamilton. Leslie worked as a double for Linda in various movies. Leslie Hamilton recently passed away at 63.

She was such a look-alike that in Terminator 2, she is seen as Sarah Connor shooting a T-1000 in a dramatic fight scene. The news was made public on Thursday. The cause of death has still not been revealed.

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