“Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War” How to Win Beta Code from CDL Tournament

The developers of Call Of Duty (COD) have pulled out the big guns to pump up the year 2020 for its players. Activision has announced that they’ll provide 10,000 beta giving codes randomly. These codes will be for the “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold Warheld on Saturday and Sunday. For which, all the users have to do is, sign into a CDL website, and watch the weekend game live, for at least a minute.
Releasing on 13th November 2020, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is a video game. Developed by Treyarch and Raven Software, Call Of Duty is a first person shooter game. It is published by Activision. What is Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is the sixth installment in the series: Black Ops. It is also the seventh overall installment n the Call Of Duty series.
The games multiplayer mode is set to be revealed on September 9. Meanwhile, the campaign reveal took place on 26 September 2020.
Set during the early 1980’s of the Cold War, Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is the campaign which follows CIA operative Russell Adler as he pursues an alleged Soviet spy. Perseus’s stated goal is to subvert the United States. Also, tilt the balance of power toward the Soviet Union.

How to Win Beta Code from CDL Tournament

To earn these, you will have to sign in with an Activision account, and watch the live stream. The live stream will be available on . The matches will also live stream on YouTube, but no special rewards will be awarded to those who watch it there. So if you’re watching it for the Beta Code, then I’d suggest you make an account on Activision. Here are a few tips to make sure everything is prepared for your chance to win the Beta Code.
  1. Go to The CDL Championship Website.
  2. Click on the link, and then click SignUp, to make an Activision account.
  3. Follow instructions displayed onscreen to verify your account. (This step is optional if you already have an Activision account)
  4. Next, you’ll need to link your, Xbox, or Playstation Account to your Activision. Sign In to your Activision Account and go to the “Account Linking” menu.
  5. Since you can link only one platform, choose your answer wisely.
  6. Next, sign in into the account you’re trying to link and follow all the prompts to successfully link it.
  7. You’re now qualified to earn ingame rewards during this weekends CDL Championship Finals.
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All rewards will be distributed by mail, including the Beta Code so make sure you’ve logged in. Activism, however, has not revealed how they’ll confirm if someone is watching. Streaming platforms can confirm when a video is in the background, or muted.
Until and unless the video not muted, and is upfront in your browser, you should be eligible to win. You can also use an app like Caffeine, or Move Mouse to make sure that your device doesn’t go to sleep.
Do keep in mind that millions of people will be watching this stream, and even after following all of the steps above you might not end up winning.

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