Qualcomm’s NEXT GEN Chipset SNAPDRAGON 875 Will Have 5nm Technology, Commenced Mass Production

The new reports suggest that the renowned semiconductor manufacturing company, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company has already started the production of the next-generation flagship chipset for Qualcomm. The upcoming next-gen snapdragon processor is the Snapdragon 875.

The company hasn’t announced anything regarding the next-gen flagship chipset. However, the reports claimed that the upcoming Snapdragon 875 would feature 5nm process node. The 5nm technology will potentially enrich the standard of premium chipset offered by Qualcomm. The technology will feature more transistors, greater clock speed, and most importantly – better power savings.

The report published in Sina claims that the new Snapdragon 875 will feature the 5G-enabled X60. It is believed that the same integrated modem has been used for the highly anticipated iPhone 12 smartphones. The reports mentioned that TSMC is producing the Snapdragon 875 in two variants — code-named Kona and Huracan. The Snapdragon processors will support UFS 3.0 storage as well as the LPDDR5x memory.

TSMC is planning to remove the overclocked Cortex-A7x from the primary core in their 1+3+4 CPU arrangement. Instead of the usual Cortex-A7x, the prime core may be powered with Cortex-X1 in the new chipset. Cortex-X1 is reportedly more powerful and reliable than Cortex-X1. There would be 30% increment in the performance with the Cortex-X1 fixed at the prime core.

Qualcomm hasn’t announced the new Snapdragon 875 yet, and fans are expecting the announcement by the end of the year. The company is definitely gearing up for releasing the new products in December this year. We are hoping that they potentially drop a few details about the next-gen chipset.

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The Snapdragon 875 will feature in the upcoming premium phones that will hit the market in late 2021 or in early 2022. Apart from the Qualcomm Snapdragon 875, the semiconductor company is busy developing next-gen chipset for other lucrative clients like Apple and AMD. TSMC is reportedly developing the new advanced A14 silicon for Apple, which will be featured in iPhone 12 phones. They have also concluded the design infrastructure of AMD’s new high-end GPUs.

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