Rewriting Gendered Society: A Review of Ann Leckie’s “Ancillary Justice”

The most notable aspect of Ann Leckie’s multiple-award-winning science fiction novel Ancillary Justice? Its pronouns, specifically the narrator’s default usage of “she.”

At least, that’s what you might come to believe based on reviews of the book, and the controversy its feminine pronouns have caused in the world of science fiction. Which is a shame, really, given how many other culturally-constructed norms are tackled and questioned by the book, along with its sequels, Ancillary Sword and Ancillary Mercy. Personally, I believe the biggest social issue the trilogy takes on is more blatantly political and uncomfortable to face for those of us […] Read more…


I Miss The Old Kanye

I love Kanye West. The people who know me know this. People who don’t know me all that well probably know this. A whole lot of the identity I’ve for better or for worse associated myself with over the last few years has been that of a passionate Kanye apologist, sometimes even with inconsistent values when it comes to defending him. I’ve often gotten the sense that even close friends doubt the authenticity of my Kanye fervor, that they see my pro-Kanye stance as contrarian and attention-seeking. They’re wrong.

Musically, Kanye is a brilliant and insightful writer and storyteller with […] Read more…


The Lost Weeknd

It’s not just The Weeknd on this album; it’s also The Weeknd playing the role of Starboy, and the album feels like Abel Tesfaye trying to make room for both. Read more…


A Country Divided, Women United: In Volution and Womanhood in Reagan’s America

When I set foot into the dimly lit Nitery Theater on Saturday November 12, my heart was still heavy. Following Tuesday’s election, my faith in this country (unlike that highest, hardest glass ceiling) had shattered, and I was gripped with an indescribably piercing pain as I faced the reality that hatred had triumphed. As a brown woman, I sat dejected and demoralized, struggling to reconcile the America that I had created in my head with the one that had voted.

As In Volution, a TAPS capstone project written by senior Madelaine Bixler, began, I was immediately forced to reckon with the […] Read more…

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