Who Is Joel  Osteen’s Mother?

Joel Osteen is one of the most famous and successful televangelists in the world.

Dolores Osteen aka Dodie is the mother of a popular Pastor. She co-founded Lakewood Church with her husband, John, in 1959 in an abandoned feed store in Houston.

Dodie Osteen is a huge part of her son’s established church. She is also a great author. She wrote several books and they all dive deep into the subject matter surrounding how she dealt with cancer.

she was diagnosed with terminal cancer and at the time she was told there wouldn’t be any treatment to help her case. It was liver cancer that almost ended her life

Dodie believes that God rescues her from cancer through prayer. She honors this deliverance by spreading her story and praying for people who need healing.

Dodie’s book, Healed of Cancer, tells the story of her disease and explains how important faith was to her recovery.