Miguel Sapochnik, Co-show runner, House of dragons, has left the show

Miguel Sapochnik is leaving House of the Dragon. It is before the release of the second season of HBO’s Game of Thrones spinoff series.

Miguel Sapochnik said comments regarding the working in the Game of Thrones universe for the past few years.

Sapochnik said, “It has been a source of pride and a prestige for him. It is especially for the past two years with the incredible House of the Dragon cast and crew.

Miguel Sapochnik added some comments regarding his decision. Sapochnik added, “The idea to leave the series was hard, but he is assured it was the finest for him professionally and personally.

Miguel Sapochnik directed episodes of Game of Thrones. These episodes include The Battle of Bastards and The Winds of Winter.

Miguel Sapochnik will remain the executive producer on House of the Dragons.