Lilianet Solares: Top 5 Facts About Chris Tamburello Wife

Lilianet Solares is a former model and the wife of Chris ‘CT’ Tamburello, a reality TV star. They have been married since 2018, they were separated.

They were also alleged to have filed for divorce in the past, but they denied the allegations and requested privacy.

But, as they celebrated their 6th anniversary together, Lilianet and Chris have reconciled and appear to have worked out their issues in their marriage.

CT Tamburello and Lilianet Solares met after he relocated from Massachusetts to southern Florida in 2015.

She grew up in the Miami region, and in the MTV wedding special, fans were exposed to members of her Spanish-speaking family.

Solares was born in Cuba, according to his marriage certificate from the Miami-Dade County Clerk of Courts. Solares worked as a model before meeting Tamburello.