Fred Fairbrass said ‘He uses to sell drugs’ when working as cab driver

He is with then-member Rob Manzoli, Fred, and his brother Richard. He was touring alongside artists like Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger, and David Bowie.

His brother Richard for the 1991 hit song I’m Too Sexy provided an insight into his personal life.

In 1982, Fred Fairbrass worked evenings as a minicab driver in Fulham. The man who lived in his home was an amphetamine chef. Fred started purchasing narcotics to help him stay awake.

Fred stated that he didn’t imagine Sexy would take more than six months to record when we started. He added that it is also really flattering to talk about it now, 26 years later.

Fred didn’t think that it was illegal. It is because London at the time felt pretty anarchic even though. He was driving around with a gram of speed on him.

To see a famous person like Taylor using it and being impacted by it. So flattering! and he continued, “London was quite anarchic back then.