Darius Campbell “went off the grid” before his death

When friends of Darius’s were unsuccessful in getting in touch with him in the weeks and months leading up to his passing.

What happened with Darius?

The musician’s close friend described the artist’s behavior as “strange,” citing that it took the singer over two weeks to react to a text message.

The friend continued by saying that Darius had mentioned that he was taking some time for himself to concentrate on himself.

What did the Pals find in the  conversation?

The Rochester, New York, local police stated that there were “no signs of purpose or strange circumstances,” and they are currently awaiting the results of the toxicology tests,

What did the Local Police find Out?

he had developed a close friendship with Gerard, a native of Scotland. He was one of the very last individuals to be photographed with him before he passed away.

Who was Gerard Butler?

According to The Sun, the Thames TV filming was scheduled at the Criterion Theater in London’s West End. When the musician (shown above in May 2018) went “off the grid” in the days leading up to his passing, it caused his friends and family cause for concern.

What was the cause of concern?