c’s death at 32 due to “unexpected illness”

Charli Dean, 32-year-old, succumbed to sudden sickness and death. Her managers confirmed that she had passed away from an unexpected illness at a hospital in New York.

She played a pivotal role in the film Triangle of Sadness, which took home the top prize at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival.

Dean passed away unexpectedly on Monday at a New York hospital, her representatives confirmed on Tuesday.

Dean was a fashion model with a few film and television appearances throughout the past decade.

Her role as Syonide, the antagonist, on the CW’s Black Lightning has brought her the most attention. Earlier in her career, she was known by the name Charlbi Kriek.

In 2009, she narrowly avoided death in a car crash. Dean told The Associated Press at the festival, before the film received the Oscar, “For me, I’m like, I’ve already won.