Crucial Facts about CompTIA A+ Certification and Its Recertification Policy

Introduction CompTIA certification program includes credentials ideal for individuals of all levels of expertise – from entry all the way to the expert one. In addition, their badges are also divided according to the discipline, i.e. there are core, Author: Nolan K cybersecurity, infrastructure, and additional professional categories with the core credentials being for starters. … Read more

Thousands Show Up For Anti President Rally In Belarus

More than 100,00 people marched down the roads of Minsk, Belarus to stand up against the President, Alexander Lukashenko, on Sunday. The protestors were in huge numbers, carrying the white and red flags of the pre-soviet Belarus republic, which have now become a symbol of the protests happening. The demonstrators were filled with rage, shouting … Read more

Facebook Watch Hits 1.25 Billion Views

It’s been two years since the social media giant Facebook, launched its own video streaming platform and now has become a massive destination. The platform topped 1.25 billion monthly views globally. Recently, Facebook reported that 140 million people spend at least one minute on the platform, per day and 720 viewers per month. Facebook also … Read more

Japan’s Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe resigns, Clearing The Way For The New Prime Minister; Yoshihide Suga

This Wednesday, it was announced that the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, along with his cabinet is resigning. He has now officially cleared the way for the new Japanese Prime Minister. Shinzo Abe was the longest-serving Japanese Prime Minister to date. He has revealed that the only reason he is resigning is due to his … Read more

The United States, Israel, U.A.E., Bahrain Sign Abraham Peace Accord; President Trump Presided Over The Accord. First In 26 Years.

The three countries of the United States, Isreal, and U.A.E have signed a peace accord. The US president Donald Trump presided over the signing of the agreement. This is the first Isreal-Arab accord within over two decades. Twenty-six years to be exact. The treaty was signed on Tuesday, and it was called the foundation for … Read more

Oracle wins Against Microsoft, And Wins The Deal For TikTok’s Trusted Tech Partner For The US Operations

Oracle was rumoured to be a part of the bidding process to acquire TikTok. Microsoft was also a part of those bidding wars, but unexpectedly, Oracle won the deal, proving that the biggest is not always the best. Oracle could not acquire TikTok, but it is now named the trusted tech partner. What this means … Read more