It’s Happening! Netflix Renews Beloved Fantasy Series Wakfu for Long-Awaited Season 4 After Years of Fan Requests

After three exciting seasons, fans are eager to dive back into the rich fantasy world of the animated series Wakfu if it gets renewed for a fourth round of episodes. The French anime-inspired cartoon first premiered in 2008 and follows a diverse cast of heroes across the magical realm of the World of Twelve.

Centered around the lead character Yugo and his friends, the story has spanned numerous adventures as they battle sinister villains and creatures. With Season 3 ending in 2017 with big cliffhangers, anticipation has built around what could come next in Wakfu’s story.

Wakfu Season 4 Release Date

Wakfu Season 4 Release Date

I hadn’t heard anything about a potential Wakfu season 4 yet, but that would be amazing! I used to watch the show all the time years ago. Yugo, Ruel, Amalia, Evangelyne – the whole squad – were like childhood friends that went on adventures together.

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I have such fond memories lounging around watching their journeys across the World of Twelve. The animation was always so unique too, like they were little wooden dolls come to life. And the humor was top-notch! Ruel cracks me up with his miserly ways.

I do wonder if the tone will change some with the characters growing up. But knowing the original writer is still involved gives me hope that Season 4 will still capture that sense of fun and adventure that made the original series so special. Fingers crossed!

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CreatorsAnthony Roux, Ancel Pinto
Original Release30 October 2008
Episodes65 (List of Episodes)
Original ChannelFrance 3
English ChannelNetflix
Main CharactersYugo, Ruel Stroud, Amalia Sheran Sharm, Evangelyne, Tristepin Percedal
Key LocationsWorld of Twelve, Kingdom of Sadida
Main ConflictYugo searching for origin, defeating Nox

Wakfu Season 4 Story Details

Wakfu follows a group called the Brotherhood of the Tofu, led by the Eliatrope Yugo, who is on a quest to uncover secrets about his origins. Alongside his allies like the Iop warrior Ruel and Cra bowswoman Amalia, they fight the evil Nox and other villains across a fantastical world.

The end of Wakfu’s third season left the heroes’ mission hanging as they fail to stop Oropo from rebooting the world’s timeline. The looming threat is that he could erase the existence of all Eliatropes and reshape creation however he wishes.

is there going to be a wakfu season 4 release date

A fourth season would likely feature Yugo racing against the clock to defeat Oropo’s sinister plans. Fan theories he discovers new Eliatrope allies from alternate dimensions to join his crusade. There also may be fresh reveals about the Eliatrope and Dragon people’s original world. Beyond thwarting Oropo’s agenda, Yugo could embark on more swashbuckling quests unlocking the secrets of his destiny.

Wakfu Season 4 Plot

The plot would directly follow the climatic events of the Season 3 finale episode titled “The Last Day.” It could open immediately in the midst of Oropo executing his world-altering End of Dofus ritual.

Yugo would struggle valiantly in order to preserve his people’s legacy and existence. He’d likely tap into new Eliatrope powers and perhaps summon mythical Dragon reinforcements. There could also be tragic twists if Oropo’s ritual begins erasing some characters from the Wakfu universe altogether.

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After inevitably foiling Oropo’s plan, Yugo may discover his people originated from a different dimension. Seeking to rebuild a lasting legacy for his kind, he charts an adventure to locate this native realm. This could open the door for even more high-fantasy interdimensional exploration in the World of Twelve setting.

Where Can I Watch Wakfu Season 4?

Unfortunately Wakfu Season 4 currently remains unconfirmed as of early 2023. Fans continue to wait on any renewal news from Netflix, Canal+ or other networks that could partner to produce another season.

With the previous three seasons available dubbed or subtitled on platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu, it is presumed Season 4 would launch on one or more major streaming services as well.

Check back for any official updates on Wakfu’s renewal status and where Season 4 could premiere online.

How Old is Yugo in Wakfu?

Yugo’s exact age is never stated explicitly in Wakfu’s first three seasons. Based on contextual clues in both his appearance and interactions, fans estimate him to likely be between 9 to 13 years old over the course of the series’ timeline so far.

The Wakfu creators have confirmed Yugo was born when Nox enacted his Eliacube-fueled time manipulation ritual. So technically Yugo has only been alive for whatever Nox’s spell defined (likely just a few years). But as an Eliatrope and one deeply intertwined with the mystical reincarnation-based powers of his people, Yugo seems to embody both childlike naïveté and ancient wisdom all at once.

Why Did Adamai Betray Yugo?

Adamai is Yugo’s shapeshifting Dragon brother who was originally introduced as a trusted ally. But a shockingly tragic twist towards the end of Wakfu Season 2 fractureed that fraternal bond when Adamai chose to betray Yugo without warning.

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Adamai sided with Yugo’s arch nemesis, the demonic entity Qilby. Seduced by Qilby’s offers of knowledge about his forgotten past, Adamai turned against everything Yugo held dear in hopes this sinister deal could unlock the existence he and Yugo had lost memory of over various reincarnations. Their brotherhood remains shattered heading towards Wakfu’s fourth season.

Does Wakfu Animation Get Better?

Wakfu utilized an ambitious mix of multiple animation formats over its first three seasons. After an amateur fan project origins, the show steadily improved production values across new episodes. The character models, environments and visual effects notably enhanced starting in the later half of Season 1 onwards.

Season 2 achieved a big leap with a well-received graphic redesign for lead characters like Yugo, Ruel and Amalia. This style then continued to refine through the duration of Season 3.Fans praised the animation reaching impressive new heights by the final Season 3 episodes. If Wakfu returns for more seasons, expectations are high that the visuals will only continue improving.

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