A Friend of the Family Season 2 Updates: Will Peacock Renew the Broberg Kidnapping Drama?

The startling true story portrayed in “A Friend of the Family” has resonated deeply with audiences, sparking intense curiosity regarding the possibility of a second season. As we anxiously await news, it is understandable to feel invested in the outcome for the Broberg family.

While definitive plans for Season 2 remain unconfirmed, the show’s creators surely recognize the empathy viewers have expressed for Jan and her loving parents, who suffered unthinkable trauma at the hands of a cunning predator. Perhaps the producers are closely attuned to the public’s emotional connection to this family’s inspiring courage.

One imagines the casting team contemplating how to find actors capable of capturing the resilience and quiet strength exemplified by Gail, Bob and Jan Broberg. Casting directors likely feel the weighty responsibility of honoring these real individuals by choosing performers who can deliver nuanced, humane portrayals.

A Friend of the Family Season 2 Release Date

A Friend of the Family Season 2 Release Date

If renewed, Season 2 would recount the aftermath of immense violation and betrayal. The writers approach this sensitive narrative with care, wishing to avoid exploitation. Their goal is not to shock, but to uplift; not to re-traumatize, but to inspire. The storyline warrants contemplation about human bonds fracturing and healing.

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The crew behind-the-scenes surely grapples with how to stylistically convey the gravity of the subject matter. Their creative choices aim to elicit empathy, not sensationalism. Through thoughtful direction, music and cinematography, they hope to transport viewers into the minds of good people struggling to reclaim their lives.

Rather than make demands about the show’s return, fans might consider extending grace to the real people who experienced this agony firsthand. Public curiosity, though understandable, can become a burden. Perhaps the best way to demonstrate support is by respecting their privacy should they choose to retreat from the public eye.

A Friend of the Family Season 2 Cast

As of now, Peacock has not officially announced the cast for a potential second season of A Friend of the Family. However, if the show is renewed, we can expect many of the main cast members to return.

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The first season starred Hendrix Yancey as young Jan Broberg, Colin Hanks as Bob Broberg, Anna Paquin as Mary Ann Broberg, Mckenna Grace as teenage Jan Broberg, Jake Lacy as Robert “B” Berchtold, Lio Tipton as Gail Berchtold, and Patrick Fischler as Dr. Burnbaum. Since the first season covered Jan’s childhood abduction in the 1970s, it’s likely that if a second season moves the story into the 1980s and 1990s, there will be some recasting for the younger versions of the characters. But much of the adult cast would probably remain the same.

when will season 2 of a friend of the family come out

A Friend of the Family Season 2 Story Details

The first season of A Friend of the Family covered the shocking true story of the Broberg family, whose young daughter Jan was kidnapped multiple times over a span of years by a trusted family friend and neighbor—the seemingly charming Robert Berchtold. The season finale left off around 1977, after Jan’s second kidnapping.

If the show is renewed for a second season, it would likely continue following Jan’s story into her teenage years and early adulthood, as she comes to terms with Berchtold’s long-running abuse and manipulation. This could cover her two later kidnappings by Berchtold in the 1980s, the details of which remained secret for decades. We would probably see Jan confront her own repressed trauma and the Broberg parents face hard truths. The season would likely build to Jan and her parents teaming up to take legal action against Berchtold.

A Friend of the Family Season 2 Plot

The second season would pick up where season one left off in the late 1970s, with Jan returned home, but severely psychologically damaged by B’s abuse and manipulation over the years. We’ll likely see her struggle with trauma symptoms like nightmares, anxiety, guilt, and depression. Meanwhile, her parents remain oblivious to the true nature of what B did to their daughter, instead seeing him as somewhat of a partner in raising her.

The season would then jump forward to the 1980s, showing how B continues to be a part of the Brobergs’ lives. The shocking truth would come out that he abducts Jan twice more when she is a teenager – taking her to Mexico for several weeks. Over the course of the season, Jan would realize she needs to escape B’s clutches for good. We’d see her start to contact the authorities and work with a trauma therapist.

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Towards the end of the season, Jan would bravely resist B’s manipulation and make the decision to press charges against him for kidnapping and rape. Her parents would stand by her side as the shocking details come out in court, finally realizing how horribly they failed their daughter by trusting B. The season finale would likely show B being found guilty and Jan vowing to move forward with her life.

Is Friend of the Family over?

No, A Friend of the Family has not been confirmed as over. The show’s first season just premiered on Peacock in October 2022. Peacock has not yet announced if A Friend of the Family will be renewed for a second season or cancelled.

Given the positive critical reception and viewership so far, there is a good chance the show could return to continue Jan Broberg’s shocking story. But fans will have to wait for an official renewal from Peacock to find out if and when season 2 will materialize.

When was Season 2 of friends?

Friends is one of the most popular sitcoms of all time that ran from 1994-2004 on NBC. While the show has only had 10 seasons in its original run, it continues to gain new fans through syndication and streaming.

Specifically, Friends Season 2 aired from September 21, 1995 to May 16, 1996 on NBC. Some key events of the second season included:

  • Rachel finding out that Ross has feelings for her
  • Monica and Rachel switching apartments with Chandler and Joey after losing a bet
  • Phoebe’s scientist boyfriend David planning to move abroad
  • Ross starting to date Julie after missing his chance with Rachel
  • The ongoing tension between Ross and Rachel as Rachel realizes she has feelings for Ross as well

Friends Season 2 consisted of 24 total episodes and expanded on the relationships between the core group of friends living in New York City. It remains one of the series’ most beloved seasons among fans.

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How did A Friend of the Family end?

A Friend of the Family has not yet ended, as the series currently only consists of a first season on Peacock. The season 1 finale shows the immediate aftermath of Jan Broberg’s second kidnapping by Robert Berchtold in the late 1970s.

We still don’t have a definitive answer on whether A Friend of the Family will be renewed for a second season on Peacock. If it is renewed and the showrunners choose to continue telling Jan’s shocking true story, a potential season 2 would likely cover later events like:

  • Jan’s two kidnappings by Berchtold in the 1980s
  • Jan finally realizing the extent of Berchtold’s abuse and manipulation
  • Jan and her parents confronting the truth and pressing charges against Berchtold
  • Jan’s marriage to her husband Doug and her later trauma therapy
  • Berchtold ultimately being brought to justice with a life sentence

The story has a long way to go past season 1, so renewing A Friend of the Family for additional seasons would allow Jan’s journey toward healing to be fully told. But Peacock has yet to announce an official decision on the show’s future. Fans eagerly await word on season 2.

Is there a season 2 for the movie from?

No, there is not a second season for the 2022 sci-fi horror series “From” on Epix.

“From” aired its first and only season from February 20, 2022 to May 1, 2022, spanning 10 episodes. It has not yet been renewed for a second season by the network.

The first season followed a group of people trapped in a mysterious town full of horrors that prevent people from leaving. It starred Harold Perrineau, Avery Konrad, Catalina Sandino Moreno and Eion Bailey.


Showrunner John Griffin and the creators have left the door open for a potential second season to continue exploring the mysteries of the town, but Epix has not yet committed to ordering one. The first season finale resolved some storylines but also left a number of cliffhangers and unanswered questions.

Fans continue to hope that positive feedback and viewership numbers could convince Epix to greenlight a renewal for “From” Season 2. But as of now, the series remains a one-season limited series on the network. Only time will tell if audiences get more chapters in this thrilling and chilling story.

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