La Brea Season 3 Episode 1 Updates: Release Date, Cast, Cancellation Status, Trailer, Streaming, and More

Season 3 of the sci-fi drama series “La Brea” has not yet been announced. However, based on production timelines and patterns from the previous two seasons, I can provide some insightful speculation to unwrap this mystery.

The first season premiered on NBC in September 2021 and quickly became a ratings hit. This led to a speedy Season 2 renewal, which debuted in late September 2022. Filming typically begins around March the year of release.

La Brea Season 3 Release Date

La Brea Season 3 Release Date

Following this timeline, we can extrapolate that shooting for Season 3 likely commenced in January 2024. The showrunner has confirmed production is underway and that the initial order is for 6 episodes.

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While details are sparse, 6-10 episodes has been the norm for past seasons. This more condensed order could indicate a fall finale storyline or budget considerations. But the showrunner has promised it is not the final season.

Given the autumn timing of the previous season launches, I would estimate a Season 3 release date between September-November 2023. However, networks can be unpredictable, so fans will need to stay patient and vigilant.

NameLa Brea
GenreScience fiction, adventure, drama
Created byDavid Appelbaum
StarringNatalie Zea, Eoin Macken, Jon Seda
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes24
Original networkNBC
Original releaseSeptember 28, 2021 – present
Filming locationAustralia
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La Brea Season 3 Cast and Characters

We can expect edge-of-our-seat adventure though as Eve, Gavin and the survivors continue to navigate threats in 10,000 BC and the future timeline. Romance, action and the central theme of family will drive the emotional story as always.

when is la brea season 3 coming out

In short, while I can’t definitively give an exact date, based on production timeframes, past precedent and narrative momentum – expect to plunge into more La Brea mystery this fall! A release date announcement should be imminent in coming months. Stay tuned!

Is La Brea season 3 coming out?

Based on the latest updates from showrunner David Appelbaum, La Brea’s third season has an initial episode order of 6 installments. This is notably shorter than the 10 episodes in season one and 7 episodes in season two.

While the exact reason behind the reduced count remains undisclosed, Appelbaum has crucially clarified that season three is not intended to be the show’s last. So we can presumably expect the story to continue beyond this batch, with potential for additional episodes to still be added.

The choice to start with only 6 episodes could come down to budgetary restrictions or a shifting distribution strategy by NBC. A shorter season may allow the network to split the season into smaller chunks. This approach has become increasingly common as production costs and competition for audience attention rise.

How many episodes are in season 3 of La Brea?

Whatever the motive, fans can take solace knowing a concrete vision remains to carry forward the mysteries of prehistoric sinkholes and time fractures. The 6 episode order simply kickstarts the next phase for the Harris family and companions rather than closes it out.

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Appelbaum himself promises season 3 will deliver a satisfying blend of plot momentum and emotional arcs. So while we’ll have less total hours to spend with Eve, Gavin and crew, those hours should still pack the dramatic punch “La Brea” has delivered thus far.

In short – season 3 is locked in at a slim 6 episodes for now but with a storyline designed to conclude one major chapter while setting up future ones. Stay tuned for word on any potential episode add-ons or continuation orders!

How many seasons of La Brea are on Netflix?

La Brea is not yet available to stream on Netflix. As of now, the first two seasons have aired on NBC in the United States and can be streamed on Peacock. Internationally, the series has been picked up by various broadcasters and streaming platforms in different regions.

On Netflix specifically though, La Brea sadly has no presence yet. The streaming giant often doesn’t get the rights to new shows until a later season or two. I know fans would love to be able to binge the mystery of the sinkholes and prehistoric adventures all in one place. But the distribution rights currently lie elsewhere.

When did you season 3 premiere?

While we await word of a Netflix debut, you can catch up by purchasing episodes or accessing via Peacock domestically. Some international viewers also have options on various local NBCU streaming hubs.

And fortunately, we know more is on the way! Season 3 is in production as we speak, likely targeting a fall 2023 premiere window. I wish I could give fans a specific date for the Netflix release they crave. For now, continue showing support via official channels – and hopefully a deal will be struck soon!

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Stay positive: there are still ways to catch up on the Harris family’s quest through time and space! More twists and turns are coming our way with season 3. And who knows, maybe future seasons will unlock the gateway to Netflix. As we say on the show – have hope!

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