Darling in the Franxx Fans Campaign for Season 2 Renewal After Inconclusive Ending to Popular Mecha Anime

As spring’s blossoms fade and summer nears, anticipation stirs among devoted anime fans worldwide. News circulates that our beloved mecha romance series Darling in the Franxx may return for a second season soon. Since its premiere in 2018, the show’s blend of sci-fi action and adolescent drama has captured our hearts. We ache to reunite with Squad 13 and immerse in their distinct, vibrant world once more.

The shy, kind protagonist Hiro left a profound impression through his character growth. We witnessed his close bond with daring Zero Two blossom from friendship into romance. Their sincere affection inspired hope. The diverse squad members’ playful chemistry also resonated, reminding us of our own childhood bonds.

Darling in the Franxx Season 2 Release Date

Darling in the Franxx Season 2 Release Date

Strong writing and animation transformed the dystopian setting into an immersive experience. Colorful Franxx battles contrasted the sterile city environment. An energetic musical score accentuated dramatic moments between the characters. It balanced sci-fi adventure with a thoughtful exploration of identity, purpose, and relationships. Both escapist and meaningful, Darling in the Franxx lingered with us.

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In the years since, devoted fans worldwide have awaited updates on a potential second season. The first left several storylines unfinished, with mysteries surrounding the Klaxosaurs and VIRM’s motives unresolved. We are eager to see Squad 13’s next chapter and cheer their fight to protect humanity. Online discussions enthusiastically about possible plot points and character arcs.

NameDarling in the Franxx
GenreScience fiction, mecha, post-apocalyptic, romance
DirectorAtsushi Nishigori
WriterAtsushi Nishigori
StudioTrigger, A-1 Pictures
Original runJanuary 13, 2018 – July 7, 2018
No. of episodes24 + 2 recap episodes
Main charactersHiro, Zero Two, Ichigo, Goro
SettingPost-apocalyptic human settlement of Plantation 13
Main plotComing-of-age of children being trained to pilot giant mechas to fight monster threats
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Darling in the Franxx Season 2 Cast and Characters

Until a new season premieres, nostalgic fans periodically revisit first season highlights. We reminisce over thrilling Franxx battles, funny squad moments, and romantic milestones between Hiro and Zero Two. Reconnecting with their journeys soothes our impatience for a continuation. It sustains the series’ magical spirit as we await new episodes.

Truly, Darling in the Franxx has become more than an anime series for devoted followers. It represents a community where outcasts and dreamers unite. Just as Squad 13 found friendship despite differences, fans worldwide have bonded over their shared passion. The show reminds us that ordinary people can achieve the extraordinary through trust and understanding.

when is darling in the franxx season 2 going to be released

So as another summer approaches, anticipation builds among fans eager to learn Squad 13’s next chapter. Despite delays, hope persists that we will reunite with beloved characters soon. Their compassion and perseverance inspire us in difficult times. Until then, reminiscing over moments shared will ease the wait. Our friends have not been forgotten; their memories flourish still in our hearts.

Is DARLING in the FRANXX Season 2 coming?

Until official word emerges, flourishes on forums and social media. Fans share treasured scenes between the two and debate ambiguous dialogue hints. Some have even crafted art and fiction depicting an imagined future for the gentle Hiro and fiery Zero Two. This communal outpouring of love keeps their memory alive.

Of course, the dedicated creators who brought Darling in the Franxx to life also feel the characters’ absence deeply. Renewal delays are likely influenced by production logistics, not lack of passion. When conditions allow, they may continue Squad 13’s tale. But like fans, they would miss Zero Two and Hiro as if parting from close companions.

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Many fondly recall binging the first season, enthralled by the show’s originality. We were transported to technologically advanced Plantation 13, where children trained to pilot giant Franxx robots. Though facing existential threats, their coming-of-age struggles felt deeply human.

How can I watch DARLING in the FRANXX Season 2?

Rumors circulate that Studio Trigger may finally announce a renewal soon. However, no official confirmation has emerged yet. Some posit that pandemic-related production delays are likely slowing the animated sequel’s progress. Yet we remain hopefully optimistic that Darling in the Franxx will return triumphantly in coming seasons.

Its diverse, endearing characters have become akin to close friends for many fans. We miss Hiro and Zero Two’s warm compassion, the stoic Mitsuru’s hidden depths, and Futoshi’s uplifting humor. Their distinct personalities and dynamics brought Squad 13 to vivid life. We cannot wait to see how they have grown and evolved when they reunite.

Will Zero Two and Hiro come back?

As summer’s warmth fades and autumn’s breeze turns crisp, a familiar melancholy stirs among fans of the beloved anime Darling in the Franxx. Rumors circulate of a possible second season renewal, rekindling hopes of seeing fan favorites Zero Two and Hiro again. Their endearing romance and coming-of-age struggles left a profound impact on many.

Devoted fans fondly recall Zero Two’s first appearance, mysteriously battling Klaxosaurs alone in her distinctive mech. Her blunt speech yet compassionate spirit intrigued us. When she later became Hiro’s partner, their initially tenuous bond soon blossomed into affection.

We still reminisce over pivotal moments between them – their first dance, the candlelit bathhouse conversation, and piloting the Franxx together. Voice actors Haruka Tomatsu and Koki Uchiyama conveyed a stirring chemistry through even subtle interactions. Their unlikely love story gave Darling in the Franxx much of its heart.

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When the series ended after one season, Zero Two and Hiro’s fates were left poignantly ambiguous. Fans have endlessly whether the courageous pair survived the climactic final battle. Our curiosity speaks to how profoundly Hiro, Zero Two and Squad 13 touched our lives. Their fictional journeys mirrored timeless, universal coming-of-age struggles.

Tragically, some interpret the anime’s ending as confirmation of Zero Two and Hiro’s demise. But others cling to optimism, hoping the reticent studio may surprise fans with a renewal revealing the pair alive. The lack of closure fuels demand for a continuation exploring unresolved storylines.

At the core, we simply miss our dear friends. Hiro’s shy kindness and Zero Two’s fierce loyalty endeared them to us. If they do not return, it would be bittersweet, just as cherished friends often drift apart over time. But their spirit would live on through Squad 13 and the show’s lasting impact on fans.

Is Zero Two finished?

Ultimately their possible return reminds us that saying goodbye to those held dear is bittersweet. We wish dearly for more time together, but also cherish the memories already shared. Fond recollections of joyful, sorrowful and humorous moments spent together sustain us when separated.

So we will wait patiently, taking comfort in reminiscing about Hiro and Zero Two’s profound journey together. Whether they return or live on only in our hearts, the two showed us that true love empowers us to achieve the impossible. Their story will endure eternally as a testament to the indomitable human spirit.

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