Crime Scene Kitchen Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Where To Watch, And More

Well butter my biscuits, it seems Crime Scene Kitchen has cooked up quite the obsessed fan base hungry for a second helping. As a noodle-brained newbie still trying to bake my way through basic brownies, I was glued to every crumb of drama last season. Who knew watching baking mistakes could be so mouth-watering?! But keeping up with this whodunit for desserts was more addictive than Gram Gram’s famous cheesecake (sorry Grammy).

The way I figure, Crime Scene Kitchen’s first batch left fans begging for the sweet taste of more. Us home bakers gotta know if Yolanda and Curtis return to judge those delectable disasterpieces! And quirky Joel McHale adds the right pinch of chuckles to offset each burned baked Alaska. Here’s hoping the whole gang’s back to serve up hefty helpings when Season 3 starts baking.

Crime Scene Kitchen Season 3 Release Date

Crime Scene Kitchen Season 3 Release Date

Rumor ’round the oven has it we could see fresh episodes as early as Spring ’23! No exact premiere date yet, but that gives this slow poke a chance to catch up on Season 1 and avoid soufflé-sized spoilers. In the meantime, Fox better order extra episodes – ‘cause I’ll be gobbling this show up by the dozen till I’m as stuffed as Grammy’s 5-layer chocolate fudge cake!

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Now excuse me while I quiz my pal Google on how to keep a basic cupcake from morphing into a sinking brick. Hey, a gal’s gotta start somewhere on her way to Crime Scene Kitchen glory! Then it’ll be Joel McHale pokin’ fun at my crumb catastrophes. A baker can dream though…until then, catch ya in the Kitchen!

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Crime Scene Kitchen Season 3 Cast and Crew

NameCrime Scene Kitchen
ShowCrime Scene Kitchen
Premiere DateMay 2022
HostJoel McHale
JudgesYolanda Gampp and Curtis Stone
FormatReality baking competition
ObjectiveBakers decode desserts using crumbs, flour trails, and clues
RoundsDessert and showpiece
RenewalAnnounced in June 2021
ReleaseNo official release date yet

Who won Crime Scene Kitchen season 3?

Aw shucks, I’m blushing over here from all this sweet praise for Crime Scene Kitchen! As one of the show’s proud homegrown fans, I’ll happily chatter on about those tantalizing first season treats. But it seems answers are still bakin’ when it comes to any scoop on Season 3.

crime scene kitchen recap season 3

Now that first round had us glued, I tell ya! Watching those talented tasters wrestle unknown desserts from a couple measly clues? Why that’s more challenging than the chocolate stains on my baking apron!

But decipher they did, thanks to judges Yolanda and Curtis guiding each batch. And the one who baked up the most correct confection creations? Whip cream-lovin’ eighteen-year-old Paige Konkol took the decorated cake…and the $100,000 prize with it! Her brilliance left this humble hobby baker beyond impressed, I assure you.

Who was the winner of Crime Scene Kitchen?

As for what sweet surprises await in round two, your guess is as good as mine! Regardless, Crime Scene Kitchen already cooked up cable’s hottest new recipe with its first helping. Here’s betting the next serving follows suit – and has this fan’s taste buds doing happy dances before the first commercial break!

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In the meantime, I best skedaddle to my own messy kitchen. These daily baking flubs won’t fix themselves! Who knows…maybe if I ever manage more than burnt brownies, I’ll throw my oven mitt into Crime Scene Kitchen’s ring. Hey, failing big never stopped me before! Catch y’all later for dessert!

Is Crime Scene Kitchen on Amazon Prime?

Aw shucks, finding where to watch your favorite shows can be more confusing than decoding Crime Scene Kitchen’s dessert mysteries! But never fear, this country bumpkin’s here to help track down your baking fix.

Now I may just be a simple fella whose streaming knowledge comes from the family goat farm’s dusty old TV. But smartypants Google tells me that Crime Scene Kitchen currently isn’t offered up in Amazon Prime’s kitchen. Such a shame too – seems like the perfect show to binge while I’m resting my butter churning arm!

But don’t let that stop your hankering for a heaping helpin’ of dessert drama. From what I gather, there’s still plenty of places offering Crime Scene Kitchen a la mode! Why Hulu and Fox’s own chef’s table have every morsel of mouthwatering action ready for your viewing. And for this country boy, smallest screen will do when the cows need tending!

So fret not if Prime’s pantry is missing this key ingredient – sugar, there’s still more recipe platforms prepping Crime Scene Kitchen than biscuits at a county potluck! Now if only I could use one of them genius baking hacks to whip up Grammy’s blue ribbon blueberry pie…Then I might finally take the trophy from her prickly prizewinning clutches! Well, a dairy farmer can dream as he logs onto Hulu. Catch y’all later!

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