True Beauty Season 2 Kdrama: Release Date, Cast, Episodes Count, Where to Watch, Webtoon Details

In a world often consumed by superficiality, stories that offer sincerity can feel like finding an oasis. The 2020 Korean drama series True Beauty charmingly confronts harsh societal beauty standards, following one self-conscious schoolgirl as she navigates judgments, relationships and her own worth. Flawed yet heartfelt characters struck a chord across borders, earning devoted fans worldwide.

After a cliffhanger finale, it’s understandable followers now wonder when they may revisit these friends who feel like family. We wish to witness the next growth in their interwoven journeys towards self-acceptance. However definitive dates remain elusive, though signs point to a second season likely later this year.

True Beauty Season 2 Release Date

True Beauty Season 2 Release Date

Eager minds will understandably continue posing questions into the unknown. But rather than relentlessly demand answers, we can practice patience. Much like meaningful personal healing, great art unfolds in its own time, its creators nursing visions into being when conditions allow. Rather than anxiously await outcomes, we can shift focus to all that pierced our hearts so far, trusting more insightful moments await downstream.

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Yes, suspense leaves us antsy. Yet even this nagging uncertainty connects us— reminding how human it is to crave certainty while navigating life’s open horizons blindly. We each pen tentative first drafts of our personal stories daily, not knowing what the coming pages will reveal. In spaces between finalised plans, might we instead reflect on emotions these characters stirred within us, perhaps discovering insights about ourselves? The story’s gifts need not end because a season does.

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True Beauty Season 2 Cast & Characters

Let’s allow creators room for recharging spirit and imagination before beckoning audiences back. As much as we wish to race towards resolutions for relationships hanging in the balance, we must also tend patience like a delicate seed, nurturing it towards flowering. In the interim, take heart that this tale’s current caretakers continue thoughtfully watering possibilities behind the scenes. When the time finally arrives for our shared story to resume, we’ll be here— arms outstretched, one imperfect community awaiting the next glimpse towards unfolding truth.


TV Series TitleTrue Beauty
Release Date of Season 1December 9, 2020
Release Date of Season 2Coming Soon
GenreRomantic comedy, drama
Number of Episodes in Season 116
Number of Episodes in Season 2Not release yet
Production CompanyBon Factory
Based onWebtoon “True Beauty” by Yaongyi
Main CastMoon Ga-young, Cha Eun-woo, Hwang In-yeop
Supporting CastKang Min-ah, Park Yoo-na, Jang Hye-jin, Park Ho-san, Lim Hee-kyung, Kim Min-ki
PlotA high school girl, who is a cosmetics artist, uses makeup to hide her true appearance and boost her confidence. The story revolves around her relationships with two male classmates and the challenges she faces with maintaining her facade.
ReceptionPopular in South Korea and internationally.
AwardsNone yet.
Available oniQiyi, Viu, Netflix, and other streaming platforms.

Is True Beauty season 2 coming out?

In an era of on-demand entertainment, it’s understandable to crave instant access when beloved stories leave us mid-chapter. After following the journeys of True Beauty’s characters through universal struggles towards self-acceptance, fans now eagerly await the next installment.

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However, while seeking answers is reasonable, we must also offer creative endeavors room to unfold naturally. Much like the personal growth the show promotes, great art blossoms in its own timing, often tending many intricate behind-the-scenes details invisible to an audience’s eyes.

when is true beauty season 2 coming out

Rather than make demands for finite details now, we can shift our focus to appreciation – both for the emotional chords already struck within us, and for the care creators devote towards nurturing their vision into fruition.

Yes, full visibility would provide relief. But it’s worth remembering that in life, we rarely receive clear confirmations far in advance. Perhaps we too can practice embracing the unknown, allowing plans breathing space to crystallize without pressure or judgment. If we approach this waiting period with understanding, the next glimpse we catch of beloved characters will feel all the sweeter.

Where can I watch True Beauty Season 2?

True Beauty, a popular Korean romantic comedy television series, released its second season in 2021 exclusively on the streaming platform iQIYI. The second season of True Beauty, which is based on the webtoon of the same name, continues following Im Ju-gyeong, a young woman leading a double life trying to hide her bare face from the world. The new season features new love triangles and characters, as well as the return of main cast members Moon Ga-young, Cha Eun-woo, and Hwang In-yeop. While True Beauty’s first season streamed internationally on Netflix, unfortunately season 2 is currently only available with the original Korean audio and subtitles on iQIYI and iQIYI-owned platforms Tencent and Bahamut Anime in certain regions across Asia. So far, iQIYI has not announced plans to distribute True Beauty season 2 to other countries.

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How many seasons are there in True Beauty?

True Beauty is a popular South Korean television drama series based on the webtoon of the same name. Starring Moon Ga-young, Cha Eun-woo, and Hwang In-yeop, the romantic comedy series tells the story of Im Ju-gyeong, a high school girl who masters the art of makeup to hide her bare face from the world. The television adaptation of True Beauty premiered in 2020 and was an instant hit across Asia. After a successful first season run, True Beauty returned for a second season in 2021, again airing on tvN in South Korea. To date, these are the only two seasons of True Beauty.


While awaiting updates, let’s hold onto faith – not just in eventual announcements, but in the connections this show facilitated for many finding empathy during vulnerable times. The story already feels timeless by virtue of the inner worlds it revealed to us. Its essence can’t be contained to one season alone.

So stay hopeful, fans seeking more touching moments deserving our attention. There are surely more emotional truths left to explore through this looking glass. When concrete details finally emerge, we’ll be here with open arms, ready to champion another resonating chapter. For now, we can rest easy knowing impactful art comes to those who let go, listen and wait. The lotus flower never rushes its bloom.

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