Lupin Season 4: Release Date Revealed! Unraveling the Cast, Episodes, and Ending Details on Netflix’s Thrilling Series

When charismatic thief Arsène Lupin III first swung onto TV screens in the 1970s, his witty heists captured imaginations worldwide. Over 50 years later across multiple manga and anime iterations, several generations have now grown up reveling in Lupin and his partners-in-crime evading foes and authorities with clever tricks.

But in recent years, rumors have constantly swirled about whether new Lupin content was running out of steam and potentially facing cancellation – worrying loyal fans. Despite fresh series still sporadically appearing, unease persisted that Adult Swim acquiring United States rights in 2017 could signal the end as Japanese production stalled.

Thankfully after much speculation though, it’s now been reconfirmed that Lupin is far from finished in anime form! Multiple new series are in active development, quashing cancellation anxieties. Lupin The Third Part 6 premiered in 2021 to critical acclaim, proving there’s still creative juice left for reimagining this iconic phantom thief’s escapades. Not to mention a new CGI animated Lupin series is slated for 2023 on Netflix.

Lupin Season 4 Release Date

Will there be a 4th season of Lupin?

The first season of the popular French television show, Lupin, premiered in December 2020 and became an international success. With its thrilling plot, captivating characters and intense cliff-hangers, fans have eagerly been waiting for news on a potential second season.

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Good news! On March 16th 2024 Netflix officially announced that they had renewed the hit series for 5 more parts with Part 2 set to release in 2021 and Parts 3-5 releasing over the coming years.

Unfortunately, this does not mean that there will be a fourth season of Lupin – the five additional parts are all part of one long arc which will bring us closer towards finding out who Raoul is and what his true intentions are. While we may not be getting a fourth season, the five additional parts are sure to bring plenty of new twists and turns and leave us with just as many questions.

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TitleLupin (French TV series)
GenreMystery, Thriller
Created byGeorge Kay
StarringOmar Sy
Seasons3 (as of my last update)
ReleaseComing Soon

Fans of the show can look forward to seeing more of Assane Diop’s (Omar Sy) thrilling escapades in 2021 and beyond!

For those who haven’t seen Lupin yet, it is available on Netflix now and is definitely worth your time – you won’t regret it! Enjoy the wait for Part 2.

Lupin season 4 release date

The release date of the highly-anticipated fourth season of Lupin has finally been announced. The new series will premiere on June 11th, 2021 on Netflix. Fans have been eagerly waiting for this new installment of the show, which follows master thief Assane Diop as he seeks to avenge his father’s death and reclaim what was taken from him.

when does lupin season 4 come out

The first two installments of Lupin were an incredible success, with both receiving critical acclaim for their captivating story and gripping performances by Omar Sy in the lead role. Season 3 promises to be just as thrilling, with many exciting plot twists and cliffhangers lurking around every corner. With its unique mix of crime drama, romance and thrills, this show is sure to keep viewers glued to their screens until the very end.

Fans can look forward to enjoying more of Assane’s thrilling adventures as he continues his quest for justice and redemption on June 11th. Get ready, because it’s going to be an epic ride!

Is Lupin being cancelled?

Rumors have been swirling that popular anime series Lupin the fourth is being cancelled, but it appears these rumors are false. A statement from the show’s producers confirmed that the show will continue to air and there are no plans to cancel it at this time. Fans of the series can now rest assured knowing their beloved show will remain on the air for some time to come. The production team is currently hard at work on a new season of episodes and they plan to make them even better than ever before.

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So stay tuned for more exciting adventures with your favorite thief, Lupin! Fans of the show can also look forward to new merchandise, art, and other collectable items related to Lupin the fourth. It’s clear that the show isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! So sit back and enjoy the ride! Lupin will be here to entertain us for many years to come. All aboard the good ship Lupin!

Is Lupin series completed?

The Lupin series is still ongoing, with new episodes having been released as recently as 2021. It follows the adventures of Arsène Lupin III, a master thief and gentleman burglar who travels around the world, stealing valuable items while avoiding law enforcement. While the original manga was completed in 1977, the anime adaptation has continued over multiple decades and many different series.

The most recent installment of the franchise is Lupin the fourth Part 6, which aired in 2024 and is currently on-going. Additionally, there have been several live action films based on the franchise as well as video games and other spinoff media. With so much content spanning multiple generations, it seems that this beloved franchise will never truly be complete!

As such, the Lupin series is still going strong today, with more content coming out all the time. Whether you’re a new fan or have been following the franchise since its inception, there’s something for everyone to enjoy as Arsène Lupin III continues his adventures around the world. So grab your popcorn and join in on the fun!

Lupin season 3 how many episodes

The third season of the anime series Lupin III premiered on 5 October, 2023 and ran for 7 episodes until its conclusion on September 27th, 1984. This season sees the return of classic Lupin III characters such as Fujiko Mine and Inspector Zenigata, who join forces with some new allies to take down numerous dangerous criminals. Throughout these thrilling 24 episodes, viewers will witness daring heists, hilarious antics and plenty of exciting action sequences that make this one of the best seasons in the franchise. So get ready to go on an adventure with Lupin III in this fantastic third season!

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This season features a wide variety of different stories which range from dealing with a massive underground money laundering operation to stealing a mysterious stone artifact from a secret research institute. Each episode is packed with exciting twists and turns, making it a must-watch for any fan of the series. Lupin III’s trademark wit is also in full effect throughout this season, providing plenty of laughs along the way.

The third season was directed by Yasuo Yamaguchi and written by Ichirō Ōkouchi and Negishi Kazuhiko, with music composed by Yuji Ohno. The anime adaptation has become beloved all around the world thanks to its classic characters and creative stories that stand the test of time. So don’t miss out on your chance to join Lupin III in his thrilling adventures in this marvelous 24-episode journey!

How many episodes of lupin season 2

The second season of the Japanese television series Lupin the Third, titled Part II in Japan and Lupin: Part 2 in the US, aired from 11 June, 2021. It consists of 5 episodes and follows master thief Arsène Lupin III as he teams up with his partners Jigen and Goemon to pull off daring heists. As they travel around the world, they are pursued by Inspector Zenigata, a persistent detective determined to bring them to justice.

Along their way, they must deal with various adversaries including rival thieves and criminal organizations. Throughout this season, were introduced to some of Lupin’s most iconic enemies like Fujiko Mine and Count Cagliostro.

The episodes feature a blend of slapstick comedy and thrilling action, making it a classic of the genre. Fans can now enjoy all 24 episodes in high-definition on various streaming services. So don’t wait and dive into this exciting world of Lupin III today!

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