Feeding Frenzy: Blood Lad Fans Cry Out for a Second Season – But Will the Vampire Anime Rise Again?

Blood Lad, the supernatural action manga by Yuuki Kodama, wrapped up its original run in 2015 after 6 years of serialization. Spanning 10 volumes in total, the manga followed the story of Staz – an Eastern vampire lord obsessed with Japanese culture who rules over a section of the demon world. After a human girl named Fuyumi accidentally wanders into his territory and dies, Staz vows to help bring her back to life while defending his domain.

So for fans of the original Blood Lad manga, yes – that main storyline is considered finished and the series is complete from start to finish at 10 volumes. However, Yuuki Kodama did eventually revisit the Blood Lad world in 2017 with a spin-off sequel titled Blood Lad: Monster Strike. This sequel manga shifts the focus to a new primary protagonist named Shikuma Sakamori, Fuyumi’s younger brother. It builds on the lore of the original manga while bringing some fan favorite characters back in cameo appearances.

Blood Lad Season 2 Release Date

Is Blood Lad completed?

Monster Strike introduced new threats and conflicts focused around strange interdimensional gates opening up to let dangerous monsters attack the human world. The sequel ultimately spanned 3 volumes before concluding its run in January 2020. Therefore, while Blood Lad’s first iteration from 2009-2015 is fully finished, Kodama provided fans with an extension of its world and conflicts through the 2017-2020 Monster Strike sequel.

Star-Crossed season 2 Release Date

Additionally, Monster Strike is receiving an anime adaptation scheduled to air in 2021 – giving fans of the franchise another way to engage with the characters through an animated adaptation of the manga’s sequel storyline.

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So for devoted fans of Blood Lad’s setting and characters, even though the primary manga storyline wrapped up years ago, there have still been fresh stories and mediums to continue enjoying its dangerous demon world filled with eccentric monsters and hot-blooded action. Between the sequel manga and upcoming adaptation, Kodama’s vampiric creation continues offering more for fans to sink their teeth into.

NameBlood Lad
GenreAction, Comedy
Original RunJuly 7, 2013 – September 8, 2013
Manga17 Volumes (ongoing)
Written byYuuki Kodama
StudioBrain’s Base
Licensed byViz Media
Main CharactersStaz, Fuyumi, Wolf
SettingDemon World & Human World
Plot SummaryStaz is the vampire boss of a section of the demon world, when a human girl wanders in and is killed, Staz vows to bring her back to life.

Is Season 2 of Blood Lad out?

Blood Lad, the 2013 vampire anime based on Yuuki Kodama’s manga, gathered a dedicated fanbase with its eccentric characters, supernatural battles, and fusion of dark gothic horror with slapstick humor. However, while the manga concluded in 2015 after a 10 volume run, loyal fans have been wondering for years whether the anime would ever return for season 2.

Regrettably, after over 9 years since Blood Lad’s initial anime season aired, production studio Brain’s Base has yet to announce any plans for continuing the anime adaptation. While a passionate core fanbase holds out hope that Staz, Fuyumi, and the strange residents of the demon world may one day return, most signs unfortunately point to the likelihood that a second season will never materialize.

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where to watch blood lad season 2

The foremost reason Blood Lad likely remains indefinitely postponed stems from the lack of new manga source material to adapt from. The anime’s first season pulled storylines from the initial half of the manga series back in 2013. However, with the manga finishing its run two years later, there are no new arcs for Brain’s Base to continue the anime with. Most studios prefer having abundant manga content to work with to ensure a smooth animation pipeline going forward.

Did Blood Lad get Cancelled?

Additionally, Yuuki Kodama dealt with medical issues after completing Blood Lad, making it uncertain if they will revisit the property again someday. With no new manga to generate renewed anime investment interest, Brain’s Base has likely shifted resources to other projects instead of indefinintely waiting on a hypothetical manga sequel.

Of course, Blood Lad’s fans wish the story could have continued evolving in animated form – especially given the first season’s climax that left narrative threads intriguingly unresolved. But producing anime requires aligning many factors – source material, studio scheduling, financiers, etc. – few of which currently line up for a Blood Lad return. Still, its first season stands as an enjoyable, self-contained romp for vampire anime enthusiasts to revisit.

While the odds of a second season remain slim years later, crazier revivals have happened in anime! Blood Lad devotees stay tuned to creator Yuuki Kodama’s social channels in case they ever announce plans to revisit Staz and his friends. But for now, with no new manga or studio updates, the wait for season 2 continues on indefinitely…Will fans one day get to witness the fire and passion of Blood Lad erupted once again or be left wondering what could have been?

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Is STAZ in love with fuyumi?

While Staz’s true feelings are never explicitly stated in the Blood Lad manga or anime, many fans that the eccentric vampire lord does indeed harbor romantic love for human girl Fuyumi Yanagi. Though often aloof and more interested in video games or manga than traditional vampiric interests, Staz displays uncharacteristic selflessness when it comes to protecting Fuyumi after she wanders into his territory and loses her life.

He goes through great lengths to try reviving her soul, becoming uncharacteristically motivated and outright distraught at the thought of failing her. Staz also frequently becomes flustered or jealous when other male characters interact with Fuyumi. While his feelings are subtle, these reactions imply Staz feels a deeper bond with Fuyumi beyond friendship. Sadly, with Yuuki Kodama’s manga finished and no second anime season, fans will never know if a genuine love connection would have blossomed between the unlikely pair.

But subtle clues indicate that even a detached demon like Staz couldn’t help forming an attachment to the singular human who stumbled into his dark world. The true depth of his affections remains a mystery – but the signs point to Staz’s interests in Fuyumi being more romantic than he himself may realize!

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