Underground Season 3 Updates: Canceled Period Drama’s Potential Return, Where to Watch Season 2 Cast Online & More

When the announcement came that Underground would not return for a third season, it came as a blow to both the talented cast and the dedicated fans who had championed this daring period drama. As viewers, we’ve come to expect abrupt cancellations as a fact of life in the fast-paced television industry. But losing Underground was exceptionally painful because it represented so much – complex stories rarely told, opportunities for rising stars, and an unflinching look at aspects of history often brushed aside.

Considering all that Underground had given its audience, why was this innovative series cut short just when it seemed to be reaching the height of its potential? Of course the entertainment industry often makes decisions based on profitability projections and ratings data. But perhaps there are times when a show’s social and cultural value should outweigh cold calculations. Even if monetary metrics alone didn’t merit renewal, Underground provided rare value in its very existence.

Underground Season 3 Release Date

Is Underground season 3 coming out?

We feel the sting of Underground’s premature finale especially in this current cultural moment. Stories exploring Black history and illuminating the lasting impact of injustice are so vital yet still too scarce in mainstream media. Beyond sparking empathy or debate, a bold series like Underground also launched careers for the actors involved and other production talent. Rising stars Jurnee Smollett and Alano Miller delivered career-defining performances, aided by sharp scripts from creator Misha Green and meticulous direction from Anthony Hemingway.

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Raven of the Inner Palace Season 2 Release Date

Underground blazed trails in marrying entertainment and education across a range of meaningful topics – the historical Underground Railroad network, the complex choices faced by those still enslaved weighing freedom over family ties, the enduring wounds between Black and white America. Exploring this landscape may have felt uncomfortable to some viewers. But leaning into our country’s history, no matter how painful, breeds understanding and helps guide the steps we take today.

GenrePeriod drama, adventure
Created byMisha Green, Joe Pokaski
StarringJurnee Smollett-Bell, Aldis Hodge, Jessica de Gouw, Alano Miller, Christopher Meloni
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes20
Original releaseMarch 9, 2016 – May 10, 2017
Original networkWGN America
Theme music composerJohn Legend
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
CinematographyKevin McKnight

Why Underground was cancelled?

So we grieve the loss of Underground not just as the abrupt end to an enthralling viewing experience. We mourn the chance to expand critical dialogues in an era where race relations require deep reflection. And we feel sorrow that more rising talents didn’t get to spread their wings within Underground’s halo. Perhaps no television executive can single-handedly reverse systemic inequities still mirrored throughout the entertainment industry. But decision makers have opportunities to shift perspectives with fierce, thought-provoking series like Underground.

when will underground season 3 start

If industry titans better recognized these possibilities to challenge prejudices and deepen awareness through daring creative pursuits, perhaps more series like Underground would be judged invaluable despite their Nielsen ratings. More writers like Misha Green would have opportunities to impart passion projects advancing representation and insight. And audiences hungry for truth and understanding would be far richer for the experience.

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How can I watch Underground season 2?

When the dramatic series Underground first aired in 2016, it felt groundbreaking. Covering little-explored aspects of American history, the show brought to life the network of brave slaves and abolitionists who risked everything on the Underground Railroad. Powerful performances and an epic scope earned acclaim and a loyal fanbase eager to champion the series.

So when WGN America surprisingly cancelled Underground after just two seasons, fans were distraught by the abrupt ending. With so many compelling story angles left unfinished, viewers longed for closure around characters and relationships they care deeply about. News that the entire second season would stream on Hulu provided some consolation. At least fans could revisit those poignant final episodes and reckon with unresolved plots.

Watching season two again allows us to reconnect with people and struggles rendered vividly through skilled acting and writing. We ache for Noah as he fights to reunite his family after a narrow escape. We root for Rosalee as she becomes a conductor on the railroad herself, helping other souls reach freedom. And we feel Ernestine’s anguish as she works secretly to undermine the plantation where she remains enslaved. With nuanced takes on interracial friendships, divided loyalties and systemic injustice, Underground captures historical themes which still resonate powerfully today.

How many seasons is Underground?

But without a season three to look forward to, diving back into the series also reawakens feelings of injustice on behalf of the show and its creators. Why was such a unique, socially relevant program cut short when its potential still seems so ripe? We’re left to wonder how characters might continue evolving, what new facets of America’s formative years might be revealed, what talented performers might have risen higher. As viewers, the best way we can honor Underground now is by actively supporting inclusive, provocative art whenever possible.

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Although Hulu only provides this one precious chance to revisit and reminisce around season two, perhaps this availability might spur new fans to discover the show for the first time. A new generation of viewers can champion Underground’s all-too-brief run and carry forward its messages of resistance in their own work. And for longtime fans, reconnecting with these characters – even temporarily – feels like a bittersweet reunion with dear friends we wish we could have known better in seasons to come.

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