Land of the Lustrous Season 2: 2024 Release Date, Trailer, Reddit Buzz and More

Land of the Lustrous, also known in its native Japanese as “Houseki no Kuni,” is a celebrated manga series crafted by Haruko Ichikawa. The narrative weaves the tale of Phosphophyllite, an inexperienced gemstone character, who embarks on a mission to contribute to the war efforts against the enigmatic Lunarians. The anime adaptation has garnered critical acclaim and a dedicated fanbase, all of whom are on the edge of their seats for the much-anticipated second season.

The journey to the second season has been fraught with delays, stirring a mix of concern to be among the anime’s enthusiasts. This article, the complexities behind the postponement and critically assesses the expectations surrounding the forthcoming season.

Land of the Lustrous Season 2 Release Date

Land of the Lustrous Season 2 Release Date

Land of the Lustrous” is a fantastical odyssey set in a science fiction realm, brought to life by the animation studio Orange. Its initial season, which aired in October 2017, spanned 12 episodes and audiences with its unique storytelling and visual artistry.

The anime’s second season was initially projected to premiere in 2021. However, the unforeseen global health crisis, COVID-19, has significantly impacted the production timelines. To date, the studio has not provided a concrete release date, leaving the series’ future uncertain.

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NameLand of the Lustrous
FormatAnime television series
Original runOctober 7, 2017 – December 23, 2017
Directed byTakahiko Kyōgoku
Written byToshiya Ono
Based onLand of the Lustrous manga by Haruko Ichikawa
GenresAction, fantasy, sci-fi
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Deciphering the Postponement

The delay in the release of “Land of the Lustrous” Season 2 has been a source of disappointment for fans. Yet, such delays are not unusual in the anime industry, particularly when external factors such as a pandemic come into play. The disruption has affected production schedules across the board, presenting challenges in meeting deadlines.

A contributing factor to the delay is the ongoing nature of the manga series. The first season had the advantage of drawing from a substantial body of source material. The subsequent season, however, faces the challenge of adapting yet-to-be-published volumes, complicating the production process.

will land of the lustrous get a second season

Critical Fan Expectations

Despite the setbacks, the anticipation for Season 2 remains high. Fans are expecting a season that honors the quality and fidelity of the first. A key expectation is adherence to the manga’s narrative arc, maintaining the integrity of the original story while ensuring the animation remains of high caliber.

Moreover, there is a strong desire for deeper exploration into the series’ lore and character development. The initial season laid the groundwork, introducing the gemstones’ world and the central conflict. The upcoming season is expected to enrich this foundation, offering greater insight into the mythology and the characters’ journeys.

Is Land of the lustrous finished?

Friend, I understand your curiosity about the status of the delightful anime series Land of the Lustrous. As a fellow fan with an insider’s perspective on the anime industry, let me fill you in on where things currently stand.

The short answer is – no, Land of the Lustrous is not finished yet. I know, I know, it’s been a few years since new episodes came out. But don’t lose hope! The story still has so much potential.

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The ending we’ve gotten so far in the anime feels incomplete to me. Too many mysteries left unsolved! Like what ultimately happens between Phos and the Lunarians? Does Phos ever find a way to save their fallen comrades? I’m dying for answers!

What is the last chapter of Land of the lustrous?

You see, the anime is based on an ongoing manga by Haruko Ichikawa. She’s still actively writing and illustrating new chapters of the manga even now. The anime only covers events up through about chapter 52 so far. With the manga at 94 chapters and counting, there’s plenty of source material left to adapt into future anime seasons.

Of course, new anime seasons are never guaranteed. The production company, Orange, has to assess if making more would be profitable based on factors like DVD sales and streaming numbers. But the Land of the Lustrous anime has been fairly popular, even winning some awards! I’d say chances are decent Orange will want to capitalize on that success with a third season down the line. They just haven’t made an official announcement yet.

As a fan myself, I really hope we get more of the story adapted! The anime is so visually creative – the way it renders the gemstone characters is downright dazzling. And the thoughtful themes about identity and purpose resonated with me deeply. I’d love to see key events from later in the manga brought to life, like when Phos journeys to the moon and encounters the quirky Lunarians.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is “Land of the Lustrous” finished?

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Ans: The anime series “Land of the Lustrous” has not concluded. While there has been no official announcement regarding a third season, the manga continues to unfold. The production company, Orange, has not indicated an end to the series, leaving room for future developments.

What is the last chapter of “Land of the Lustrous”?

Ans: The manga culminated with chapter 94 in 2020, providing a climactic finale to the saga of Phos and their companions. The chapter has been met with mixed reactions, with some fans expressing dissatisfaction with the pacing and others commending its emotional resonance and thematic closure.

Additional Resources and Discussions

Ans: For those seeking more information or wishing to join the conversation, resources such as the “Land of the Lustrous” wiki, Crunchyroll streaming, and discussions on platforms like Reddit provide ample opportunity. Fans can also find collectible figures and anticipate the release of volume 12, all while times on the content of the upcoming season’s trailer.


“Land of the Lustrous” has established itself as a significant player in the anime landscape. The delay of its second season, induced by the pandemic and the complexities of adapting an ongoing manga, has not dampened the spirits of its ardent followers. The expectations for the new season are lofty, with fans eager for a continuation that matches or surpasses the inaugural season’s achievements.

In essence, the anticipation for “Land of the Lustrous” Season 2 is a testament to the series’ impact. While the wait continues, the hope for a sequel that captures the essence of the manga and brings further depth to the beloved world remains alive and well.

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