Charli XCX Posts Selfie From Hospital Bed: Did She Go Through Plastic Surgery

Charli XCX, the renowned record producer and singer, has been the subject of speculation regarding her involvement with plastic surgery. With her awesome looks and ever-evolving appearance, many have wondered if she has gone under the knife to enhance her beauty.

However, Charli, now 30 years old, has never actually confirmed getting any surgical work done. There are many possible explanations for her changing appearance besides going under the knife. Growing up from her teens into adulthood could have naturally enhanced her features. Weight loss, makeup, and experimenting with her style may have also contributed to her more chiseled look in recent years.

Her boldly authentic spirit empowers fans globally. Charli represents a new wave of cultural icons who create their own standards of beauty rather than chasing unattainable perfection. Let’s delve into the mysteries and rumors of Charli XCX having plastic surgery

Who is Charli XCX?

Born Charlotte Aitchison in 1992, Charli XCX began writing songs and performing as a teenager. She attracted attention for her inventive approach to pop music, weaving together various genres from punk to electronic. As she gained more exposure, some critics began comparing old photos of a fresh-faced Charli to more glamorous current images. Her naturally cute girl-next-door looks appeared to have transformed, fueling gossip about possible cosmetic enhancements.

Additionally, the evolution of her avant-garde personal aesthetics seems to parallel her artistic growth. As Charli gained confidence in her creative vision, she began taking more fashion risks and embracing a sexy, futuristic style. Dramatic makeup and edgy outfits give the illusion of a totally transformed Charli. But her sexy look likely stems from a bold sense of self-expression, not surgeons’ scalpels.

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Did Charli XCX Have Plastic Surgery?

While Charli XCX looks enchanting, there’s been speculation about whether she has had any cosmetic surgeries. The discussions have been fueled by her changing appearances over the years and her penchant for wearing revealing clothes.

What Cosmetic Surgeries Charli XCX Had?

Based on the information available, Charli XCX has not confirmed any plastic surgeries. However, there have been speculations about potential procedures, including:

  • Nose Job: Not confirmed
  • Boob Job: Charli’s full, round bust has led to speculations about breast implants, but it’s believed her curves are natural.
  • Facelift, Lips, Fillers, Botox, Liposuction, Butt Implants, Butt Lift, Eyelid Surgery: Not confirmed

Charli XCX Boob Job

There have been speculations about Charli XCX potentially having breast implants due to her full bust. However, the information from the websites suggests that her curves are believed to be natural. Charlie XCX has not had a boob job and that her bust is natural.

It’s important to note that there has been no official confirmation from Charli XCX herself regarding this matter.

Charli XCX Face Lift

No information suggests that Charli XCX has had a facelift.

Charli Xcx Plastic Surgery
Charli Xcx Plastic Surgery

Charli XCX Lip Fillers

There’s no confirmed evidence that Charli XCX has had lip fillers.

Charli XCX Teeth Removal

Charli XCX recently underwent a medical procedure to have her wisdom teeth removed. She shared a post-operative selfie from her hospital bed on January 5th. In the photo, the “Hot In It” singer can be seen with gauze packs on her jaw and a monitor jokingly attached to her forehead. Despite the surgery, Charli maintained her characteristic sense of humor. She captioned the photo, “all my wisdom has gone. dumb and inexplicable decisions only from now on.”

This procedure is quite common and is often done to prevent or address issues caused by wisdom teeth, such as impaction, misalignment, or overcrowding. It seems Charli XCX is recovering well and even managed to make light of the situation with her cheeky post.

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Charli XCX Hair Transformation

  1. Early Career: In her early career days, Charli XCX often sported long, dark brown hair, sometimes with subtle highlights.
  2. Mid-Career: As she gained more popularity, Charli began experimenting with different hairstyles, including bangs, waves, and even occasional updos for red carpet events.
  3. Sucker Era: Around the time of her “Sucker” album release, Charli was seen with a more punk-inspired look, sometimes opting for brighter hair colors like red and even hints of purple.
  4. Recent Years: In more recent times, Charli has showcased a variety of hair colors, including jet black, deep blue, and even platinum blonde. She’s also played with different lengths, from long waves to shoulder-length bobs.
  5. Styling: Charli XCX is known for her edgy style, and this extends to her hair. She’s often seen with tousled waves, sleek straight styles, or even intricate braided looks for special events.

What Skincare Routine Charli XCX Follows to Remain Young?

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  3. Hydration: Drinking plenty of water and using hydrating serums or moisturizers can help maintain skin’s elasticity and glow.
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  7. Regular Sleep: Getting adequate sleep is crucial for skin regeneration and overall health.

Charli XCX Over the Years Transformation

Over the years, Charli XCX’s appearance has evolved, leading to speculations about potential cosmetic procedures. However, no concrete evidence supports these claims.

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Early Years:

Charli began her musical journey at the tender age of 14. In her initial years, she had a youthful and fresh-faced appearance, typical of a teenager finding her way in the world. Her style was more casual, and her makeup was minimal.

Rise to Stardom:

As she released albums like “14” and “True Romance,” Charli’s style began to evolve. She started experimenting with bolder fashion choices and makeup looks. Her fans might recall a photoshoot where she wore a see-through bra, making a bold statement and fueling speculations about potential breast implants.

Sucker Era:

With the release of “Sucker” in 2014, Charli’s transformation became more evident. Her fashion choices became edgier, and her makeup more avant-garde. She began to embrace a more rebellious and punk-inspired look, setting her apart from other pop stars of her generation.

Recent Years:

In the most recent years, Charli XCX’s style has matured, yet it retains the edginess that she’s known for. She’s been seen in more sophisticated outfits on the red carpet but hasn’t shied away from making bold fashion statements. Her makeup has also evolved, with a focus on highlighting her natural beauty.

Throughout her transformation, there have been speculations about potential cosmetic procedures, especially given the changes in her appearance. However, it’s essential to note that no concrete evidence supports these claims, and Charli has not confirmed undergoing any plastic surgeries.


Charli XCX remains a subject of plastic surgery speculations but without any confirmed procedures. Her natural beauty and talent continue to captivate her fans worldwide.


1. Has Charli XCX confirmed any plastic surgeries?

No, Charli XCX has not confirmed undergoing any plastic surgeries.

2. What are the speculations about Charli XCX’s potential surgeries?

Speculations include a potential nose job, boob job, and lip fillers, among others.

3. Did Charli XCX have breast implants?

While there have been speculations due to her full bust, it’s believed her curves are natural.

4. When was Charli XCX born?

Charli XCX was born on 2 August 1992.

5. What is Charli XCX’s real name?

Her real name is Charlotte Emma Aitchison.

6. Has Charli XCX had a facelift?

There’s no confirmed information about Charli XCX undergoing a facelift.

7. Where was Charli XCX born?

Charli XCX was born in Cambridge, England.

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