Has Iggy Azalea had Cosmetic Surgery? Before and After Photos

Iggy Azalea had Cosmetic Surgery. Iggy Azalea, the “Fancy” hitmaker, has undergone a noticeable transformation since her debut in the music industry. From the fresh-faced blonde who entered the celebrity scene in 2012, her appearance has evolved, sparking both admiration and speculation.

Iggy has been candid about some of the cosmetic procedures she’s undergone. She has openly admitted to having rhinoplasty, which reshaped and refined her nose. Additionally, she’s confirmed undergoing a breast augmentation, enhancing her silhouette. These admissions reflect a refreshing honesty in an industry where many choose to remain silent about their cosmetic journeys.

She faced allegations of ‘blackfishing’ in her music video, with fans accusing her of using makeup to appear of a different race. However, Iggy defended herself, stating that she used the same makeup shade she had been using for years.

Later on she sad that she Blackfished because she wanted to hide her face surgery that went wrong. Is this really the truth? Our tam dig deep into this and here is what we found out.

Who is Iggy Azalea?

Iggy Azalea, born Amethyst Amelia Kelly, is an Australian rapper, singer, and songwriter. She gained significant attention and fame with her debut single “Fancy” and has since been a prominent figure in the music industry.

For many, like Iggy, cosmetic surgery isn’t just about vanity. It’s about feeling confident in one’s skin. When Iggy spoke about her breast augmentation, she mentioned how she had thought about it her entire life. Her decision to go public about the procedure was driven by her desire to be open and free. She didn’t want to harbor a secret and felt better being transparent about her choices.

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Did Iggy Azalea Have Plastic Surgery?

Yes, Iggy Azalea has openly admitted to undergoing plastic surgery. She has been candid about the procedures she’s had and has even publicly thanked her plastic surgeon for the results.

While Iggy has been transparent about some procedures, there are others that remain in the realm of speculation. Some before-and-after photos suggest that the rapper might have had more than just the procedures she’s admitted to. For instance, earlier images of Iggy, around the age of 23, show her with thinner lips and a different nasal structure.

Dr. Randal Haworth, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, although not having treated Iggy personally, believes she might have had additional refinements. He suggests that beyond the rhinoplasty, Iggy might have had a chin augmentation and mandibular angle enhancement, giving her jawline a more refined appearance.

However, amidst all the speculations, Iggy has consistently denied allegations of having ‘butt implants’. She’s been firm in her stance that while her breasts might not be natural, her derrière certainly is.

What Cosmetic Surgeries Iggy Azalea Had?

Iggy Azalea has undergone procedures to reshape her nose and breasts. She has been transparent about these surgeries, ensuring her fans know the truth behind her transformation.

While the Australian rapper has been open about some of the procedures she’s undergone, like rhinoplasty and breast augmentation, she has also faced a barrage of speculation and rumors about other potential surgeries. However, it’s essential to clarify that Iggy Azalea has not publicly stated that she “hates” her surgeries.

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Iggy Azalea Nose Job

Dr. Ashkan Ghavami, Iggy’s plastic surgeon, focused on changing the shape of Azalea’s nose tip. He mentioned that her nose had a peculiar shape, with the tip being twisted, wide, and boxy. He worked on narrowing and refining her tip without making it look artificial. Additionally, she had a tiny hump reduced, and her deviated septum was corrected to improve her breathing.

One of the most commendable aspects of Iggy’s approach to her surgeries is her emphasis on doing it for oneself and not for societal validation. In various interviews, she has mentioned that her decisions were rooted in her desire to feel better about certain aspects of her appearance, not because she wanted to fit into a particular mold set by the entertainment industry or society at large.

Furthermore, Iggy has been a proponent of the idea that everyone has the right to choose what they want to do with their bodies. Whether it’s cosmetic surgery, tattoos, or any other form of body modification, she believes in individual autonomy and the importance of making informed decisions.

Did Iggy Azalea have bbl surgery?

A Brazilian butt lift is a form of buttock augmentation that enhances the size and shape of the buttocks using a fat transfer from other parts of the body. Despite these speculations, Iggy has maintained that her bottom is completely natural. She has been quoted saying, “Of course the butt is mine.

I heard it’s not a real butt, it’s a number of things. I heard sometimes it’s my underpants. Or it’s implants. All kinds of crazy things,” in 2013.In conclusion, while there are opinions from various experts, Iggy Azalea has denied having a BBL or butt implants.

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What Skincare Routine Iggy Azalea Follows to Remain Young?

The provided sources did not specify any skincare routine that Iggy Azalea follows.

Iggy Azalea Over the Years Transformation

Over the years, Iggy Azalea’s transformation has been evident. From her early days in the music industry to her current appearance, there have been noticeable changes, especially in her facial features and body, which she attributes to plastic surgery.


Iggy Azalea’s decision to undergo plastic surgery and be open about it has been both praised and criticized. However, her honesty about the procedures sets her apart in an industry where many choose to remain silent about their cosmetic enhancements.


  1. Has Iggy Azalea admitted to having plastic surgery?
    • Yes, Iggy Azalea has openly admitted to undergoing plastic surgery.
  2. Who is Iggy Azalea’s plastic surgeon?
    • Dr. Ashkan Ghavami is the plastic surgeon who performed procedures on Iggy Azalea.
  3. What procedures did Iggy Azalea undergo?
    • She underwent surgeries to reshape her nose and breasts.
  4. Did Iggy Azalea have a nose job?
    • Yes, she had a procedure to reshape the tip of her nose and correct a deviated septum.
  5. How did Iggy Azalea’s breast surgery help her?
    • The surgery brought her breasts closer together, providing more cleavage without making them look too big.
  6. Why is Iggy Azalea’s openness about plastic surgery significant?
    • Her transparency sends a message that it’s okay to seek enhancements and not be born “perfect.”
  7. How soon did Iggy Azalea perform after her breast surgery?
    • She performed with Jennifer Lopez at the American Music Awards just four days after her surgery.

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