BLACKPINK Lisa Plastic Surgery Rumors Explode: Why the Thai Rapper Gone Through cosmetic surgery

The world of K-pop is no stranger to the whispers and speculations surrounding plastic surgery. Blackpink’s Lisa, with her impeccable beauty and talent, has not been spared from these rumors.

Blackpink’s Lisa, a member of one of South Korea’s highest-grossing girl bands, has been the subject of much speculation regarding plastic surgery. The topic has garnered attention from fans, netizens, and media outlets alike.

Lisa, the Thailand-born K-pop sensation, face criticism from fans on Instagram and twitter who claimed that she underwent procedures to enhance her nose, lips, and even her skin tone. This guesswork often stems from her pre-debut photos compared to her current appearances.

This topic is so debatable in K-pop fandom that you will find dedicated Instagram and Twitter accounts that are trying hard to prove that Lisa did have surgery. Some users believe Lisa might have had minor procedures, while others staunchly defend her natural beauty.

Who is Blackpink Lisa?

Lisa is a member of BLACKPINK, one of South Korea’s most popular and highest-grossing girl bands. The group consists of four members: Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé. They are renowned not only for their musical and dancing skills but also for their beauty.

Her real name is Lalisa Manoban and she was Born on March 27, 1997, in Buriram Province, Thailand, Lisa is the group’s main dancer, lead rapper, and a sub-vocalist.

From a young age, Lisa showcased a keen interest in the world of entertainment. Her journey to stardom began when she participated in the YG Entertainment auditions held in Thailand in 2010. Outshining many, she emerged as the winner and subsequently moved to South Korea to begin her training under YG Entertainment, one of South Korea’s leading entertainment companies.

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Did Blackpink Lisa Have Plastic Surgery?

There have been rumors and speculations about Lisa undergoing plastic surgery, especially concerning her nose and lips. Some believe she has had procedures done, while others defend her, stating she hasn’t.

Lisa’s pre-debut photos reveal a young girl with prominent double eyelids, a feature that has remained consistent over the years. This counter claims suggest she had eyelid surgery. Similarly, when she smiles, her nose exhibits characteristics similar to her childhood photos, suggesting she hasn’t undergone rhinoplasty. While makeup techniques, especially contouring, can give the illusion of altered features, it’s essential to differentiate between makeup artistry and surgical alterations.

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What Cosmetic Surgeries Blackpink Lisa Had?

According to some reports, Lisa’s nose used to be flatter and larger, but now it appears high and thin. This change might have been achieved with liquid rhinoplasty, which uses hyaluronic acid to alter the nose’s shape. Additionally, there are claims that Lisa has had lip fillers to make her lips appear larger and plumper.

Lip fillers are another common speculation. However, comparing Lisa’s teenage photos with her current ones, her lip size and shape appear consistent, indicating no interventions in that area. The only noticeable change some observers point out is in her teeth, suggesting possible dental reshaping or veneers. But dental work, while cosmetic, is distinct from plastic surgery.

Blackpink Lisa Nose Job

The most debated topic regarding Lisa’s alleged plastic surgery is her nose. Some believe she underwent a procedure to make her nose tip more upturned, a feature that makeup or puberty cannot change. Comparisons of Lisa’s side profiles from before and after her debut suggest a change in the angle of her nose tip.

It’s mentioned that there are noticeable differences in Lisa’s nose when comparing her pre-debut photos to more recent ones. The article suggests that her nose used to be flatter and larger, but now it appears high and thin. This change might have been achieved with liquid rhinoplasty, a non-surgical procedure that uses fillers to alter the nose’s shape. However, the article does not provide conclusive evidence or confirmation from Lisa or her management regarding this.

The discussion also touched upon the topic, with some users analyzing her pre-debut and post-debut photos to determine any changes. However, opinions on Quora are based on personal observations and should be taken with a grain of caution.

A fan shared pre-debut pictures of Lisa, noting that she looks exactly the same as she does now. The fan community largely agreed with this observation, suggesting that Lisa has not undergone any plastic surgery.

Blackpink Lisa Face Lift

There isn’t substantial evidence or claims regarding Lisa having a facelift.

Blackpink Lisa Lip Fillers

Lisa is believed to have had lip fillers, as comparisons from her pre-debut photos to recent ones show variations in her lip size. These fillers typically need touch-ups around half a year.

There has been speculation and debate among fans and netizens regarding Lisa’s lips. Some believe that Lisa might have had lip fillers to enhance the volume and shape of her lips, while others argue that her lips’ appearance could be due to makeup techniques or natural growth.

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it’s mentioned that Lisa’s lips appear fuller in some photos, leading to the speculation of lip fillers. However, the article does not provide conclusive evidence or confirmation from Lisa or her management regarding this.

The discussion also touched upon the topic, with some users analyzing her pre-debut and post-debut photos to determine any changes. However, opinions on Quora are based on personal observations and should be taken with a grain of caution.

What Skincare Routine Blackpink Lisa Follows to Remain Young?

BLACKPINK members, including Lisa, have occasionally shared some of their beauty secrets in interviews, on their social media, and during appearances on TV shows. Here’s a general overview of the skincare habits that Lisa and other BLACKPINK members might follow to maintain their youthful and radiant skin:

  1. Double Cleansing: A common practice in Korean skincare, double cleansing involves using an oil-based cleanser followed by a water-based cleanser. This ensures that all makeup, dirt, and impurities are thoroughly removed from the skin.
  2. Exfoliation: Regular exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells, keeping the skin smooth and preventing clogged pores.
  3. Toner: Using a toner helps balance the skin’s pH levels and prepares the skin to absorb the next steps in the skincare routine.
  4. Essence & Serums: These products are packed with concentrated ingredients that target specific skin concerns, such as hydration, pigmentation, or fine lines.
  5. Moisturizing: Keeping the skin hydrated is crucial. Lisa might use a lightweight moisturizer during the day and a richer cream at night.
  6. Sunscreen: Protecting the skin from harmful UV rays is essential. Even on cloudy days, applying sunscreen can prevent premature aging and skin damage.
  7. Face Masks: Korean beauty is known for its sheet masks. Lisa might use these masks a few times a week to provide her skin with extra hydration and nutrients.
  8. Eye Cream: The skin around the eyes is delicate and can show signs of aging quickly. Using an eye cream can help reduce puffiness and fine lines.
  9. Diet & Hydration: Drinking plenty of water and maintaining a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and antioxidants can contribute to healthy skin.
  10. Regular Facials: Professional facials can help address specific skin concerns and provide deeper cleansing and exfoliation.
  11. Minimal Makeup: When not performing or attending events, Lisa might prefer to go with minimal or no makeup, allowing her skin to breathe.
  12. Sleep: Getting adequate sleep is essential for skin regeneration and overall health.

Blackpink Lisa Over the Years Transformation

Over the years, Lisa has undergone a noticeable transformation. While some attribute this to natural growth, makeup, and styling, others believe cosmetic procedures played a role.

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Before joining BLACKPINK, Lisa was known for her distinct Thai features. Photos from her childhood and teenage years in Thailand show a young girl with big, sparkling eyes and a natural charm. Even in her pre-debut days, Lisa had a captivating presence, which is evident from her audition tapes and early training videos at YG Entertainment.

Debut Era (2016):

With BLACKPINK’s debut in 2016, Lisa was introduced with a bangs hairstyle, which became iconic. Her style was a mix of edgy and cute, fitting the group’s dual concept. Her makeup was often subtle, highlighting her natural beauty.

“As If It’s Your Last” Era (2017):

In 2017, Lisa’s style evolved to a more feminine and vibrant look. Her hair color changed to a brighter shade, and her outfits became more colorful, reflecting the song’s upbeat vibe.

“Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” Era (2018):

This era marked a significant transformation for Lisa. She adopted a more mature and fierce look, with sharper makeup and sophisticated outfits. Her rapping style also evolved, showcasing her versatility.

“Kill This Love” Era (2019):

Lisa’s look in this era was a blend of strength and vulnerability. Her platinum blonde hair and bold makeup choices, especially the winged eyeliner, became a trend. The era showcased her growth as an artist and her ability to pull off complex concepts.

“How You Like That” & “Lovesick Girls” Era (2020):

In these eras, Lisa showcased a mix of traditional and modern styles. Her hair, outfits, and makeup choices reflected a blend of cultures, highlighting her global appeal. Her rap verses in these songs further established her as a formidable rapper in the K-pop industry.

Solo Projects and Global Recognition (2021 and beyond):

With her increasing global popularity, Lisa’s style became more diverse. Her solo projects allowed her to experiment with various looks, from edgy to elegant. As a global ambassador for multiple brands, her fashion choices became influential, setting trends worldwide.

Throughout the years, there have been speculations about Lisa’s appearance, with some suggesting she might have undergone cosmetic procedures. However, many fans believe that her transformation is a result of natural growth, makeup, and styling.


Whether Lisa underwent plastic surgery remains a topic of debate. What’s undeniable is her talent, beauty, and the love and support she receives from her fans.


  1. Who is Blackpink’s Lisa?
    • Lisa is a member of the popular South Korean girl band, BLACKPINK.
  2. Has Lisa had a nose job?
    • There are speculations about Lisa having a nose job, but no official confirmation.
  3. What are the rumors about Lisa’s lips?
    • Some believe Lisa has had lip fillers to enhance her lips.
  4. How has Lisa’s appearance changed over the years?
    • Lisa’s appearance, especially her nose and lips, has been a subject of discussion, with some believing she underwent cosmetic procedures.
  5. What is liquid rhinoplasty?
    • It’s a procedure that uses hyaluronic acid to change the nose’s shape.
  6. How do fans feel about the plastic surgery rumors?
    • Fans are divided. While some believe the rumors, many support Lisa, stating she hasn’t had any procedures.
  7. Is plastic surgery common among K-pop idols?
    • Plastic surgery is not uncommon in South Korea, and some K-pop idols have reportedly undergone procedures.

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