Did Ava Addams Get Plastic Surgery? Brazilian Butt Lift, Boob Job, Facelift and More

Ava Addams, a prominent figure in the adult entertainment industry, has been the subject of much speculation regarding her plastic surgeries. This article delves into her life, career, and the cosmetic procedures she has undergone.

Her decision to undergo surgery was well-informed. The results, as seen in her post-surgery photos, showcase a fuller and symmetrical appearance, aligning with the desired outcomes of many who opt for this procedure.

Many Sources also claims that Ava had a history of asymmetrical breasts. This asymmetry had been a source of distress for her since her teenage years. After a detailed consultation with her surgeon she opted for silicone implants. The results were transformative, not just physically but emotionally. Ava’s newfound confidence was palpable, a testament to the profound impact of the procedure.

Who is Ava Addams?

Ava Addams, also known by various names such as Ava Adams, Alexia Roy, Luna, and Ava Spice, was born on September 16, 1979, in Gibraltar. She is of White and Latina ethnicity and holds both American and French nationalities. Ava began her modeling career in 2004, posing for Playboy as Alexia Roy. She later transitioned to the adult film industry in 2008, thanks to an introduction by Renna Ryann.

Did Ava Addams Have Plastic Surgery?

Yes, Ava Addams has undergone plastic surgery. Specifically, she has had breast enhancements.

Surgery gives you your desired body. Whether it’s a young woman seeking enhanced body proportions or a mother looking to regain her pre-pregnancy body, the underlying motive remains consistent – improved self-confidence.

In Ava’s case she wanted to improve her physique because her job demanded it.

What Cosmetic Surgeries Ava Addams Had?

Ava Addams opted for breast enhancement surgery. After noticing a loss of fullness in her breasts post-childbirth in early 2011, she decided to undergo surgery on June 6, 2012. Dr. Ciaravino in Houston, Texas, placed 500cc cohesive silicone gel implants, taking her from a D cup to a DDD cup.

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Ava’s plastic surgeon died soon after but there is no doubt that his role was important in the transformation of Ava. A qualified surgeon ensures the desired outcome is achieved with minimal risks. It’s paramount to research and consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon. In the case of Ava Addams, her successful transformation can be attributed to her choice of a skilled surgeon.

The response to Ava’s plastic surgery journey has been overwhelmingly positive. Fans have praised the natural appearance of her implants, with many attributing the success to her surgeon’s skill. While there are varied opinions, the majority sentiment is supportive, with comments highlighting her beauty and the quality of her procedures.

Ava Addams Brazilian Butt Lift

While Ava already had a Boob job but very few people know that she also went for a butt lift. While Ava was already a prominent figure in the entertainment world, the decision to undergo a BBL was likely influenced by the evolving beauty standards and the demands of the industry.

A fuller, more rounded posterior has become synonymous with beauty and sensuality in recent times. For someone in the entertainment industry, especially on platforms like OnlyFans, where visual appeal plays a significant role, staying relevant and meeting audience expectations is crucial.

Ava’s decision to undergo a BBL not only enhanced her natural curves but also added a fresh dimension to her content. The procedure, known for its ability to provide a more sculpted and voluptuous appearance, likely played a role in attracting more subscribers to her OnlyFans account. In an industry where every detail can impact one’s success, Ava’s BBL might have been a strategic move to ensure her content remained top-tier.

Moreover, the BBL, combined with her other surgical enhancements, presented a complete package. It allowed Ava to diversify her content, offering varied visual angles and themes that catered to a broader audience spectrum. This adaptability and willingness to evolve are essential traits for success on platforms like OnlyFans.

Ava Addams Face Lift

Ava shared that the pressures of staying youthful in an industry that often prioritizes a certain look is very high. A facelift, for Ava, was not just about tightening the skin but rejuvenating her confidence. She emphasized the subtle nature of her procedure, aiming for a refreshed look rather than a drastic change. “It’s about enhancing what you have, not creating a new face,” she added.

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Ava Addams Lip Fillers

Ava’s decision was driven by the desire for fuller, more defined lips. “It’s not about going big but achieving symmetry and balance,” she explained. In an interview, She stressed the importance of choosing a skilled practitioner, noting that the goal was to enhance her natural beauty rather than overshadow it. The fillers, she mentioned, gave her lips a plushness that translated beautifully on screen, especially in close-up shots.

What Skincare Routine Ava Addams Follows to Remain Young?

Ava candidly shared her initial apprehensions about Botox but was quick to highlight its benefits. “It’s not about freezing emotions but softening the lines that come with age and stress,” she said. For Ava, Botox was a preventive measure, ensuring that her expressions remained smooth and her forehead wrinkle-free. She once said that “It’s a small secret weapon in my beauty arsenal.”

Makeup: The Unsung Hero of a Successful Scene Perhaps the most enlightening part of our discussion was the role of makeup in adult entertainment. Ava was effusive in her praise for the makeup artists she’s worked with. “They’re magicians,” she exclaimed. Makeup, in the adult industry, goes beyond creating a glamorous look. It’s about accentuating features, ensuring longevity under the harsh lights, and, most importantly, making the actors feel confident.

Ava shared some behind-the-scenes insights, explaining how makeup artists use contouring techniques to define and highlight her features, ensuring they pop on camera. “A good makeup artist knows the balance between making you look stunning off-camera and ensuring it translates well on screen,” she noted.

She also emphasized the role of makeup in creating different moods for scenes. From sultry smokey eyes to a more natural ‘girl-next-door’ look, makeup plays a pivotal role in setting the tone. “It’s not just about looking good; it’s about embodying the character, the mood, the scene,” Ava explained.

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Ava Addams Plastic Surgery
Ava Addams Plastic Surgery

Ava Addams Over the Years Transformation

Ava’s transformation over the years is evident, especially with her decision to enhance her breasts. Her journey from modeling for Playboy to becoming a renowned figure in the adult industry showcases her evolving career and personal choices.

Comparing her before and after photos, one can observe the pronounced change in her appearance. Despite the alterations, Ava continues to be a favorite in the industry and has managed to maintain her charm and appeal. Her journey reflects not just the physical transformation but also her evolving career in the adult film world. Even today, Ava Addams remains a captivating figure, showcasing how personal choices can influence one’s professional journey.


  1. Evolving Beauty Standards: Ava’s transformation sheds light on the ever-changing beauty standards in the entertainment industry. While natural beauty is celebrated, enhancements are also embraced by many.
  2. Personal Choices and Professional Impact: Ava’s decision to undergo surgery might have been a personal one, but it undeniably had implications on her career trajectory. It’s intriguing to ponder how such choices can shape an artist’s path.
  3. The Power of Perception: The way audiences perceive artists can change based on their physical appearance. Ava’s transformation might have altered public perception, but her talent and charisma remain constants.


Ava Addams, with her distinct career choices and personal decisions regarding plastic surgery, remains a subject of interest for many. While she has been open about her breast enhancements, other details about potential surgeries remain speculative.


1. Who is Ava Addams?

Ava Addams is an American-French adult film actress and model.

2. Has Ava Addams undergone plastic surgery?

Yes, Ava has had breast enhancement surgery.

3. What was the reason for Ava’s breast enhancement?

Post-childbirth in 2011, Ava noticed a loss of fullness in her breasts, leading to her decision for enhancement.

4. When did Ava Addams start her career?

Ava began her modeling career in 2004 with Playboy and transitioned to the adult film industry in 2008.

5. What was Ava’s cup size change post-surgery?

She went from a D cup to a DDD cup after her breast enhancement surgery.

6. Did Ava Addams have a nose job or lip fillers?

The provided sources do not confirm any nose job or lip fillers for Ava Addams.

7. Where did Ava Addams get her breast enhancement surgery?

She had her surgery in Houston, Texas, by Dr. Ciaravino.

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