Will There Be a God Of High School Season 2?

Anime shows are being created in large volumes and are also being loved by people of all ages. The platforms known for streaming and distributing anime shows have now started adapting the originals. Crunchyroll released its inaugural programming in 2020, and among the debut shows was ”God Of High School” which gained a lot of prominences.

The God Of High School is one of the best light novel anime television series based on a South Korean manhwa. It includes many genres like action, fantasy, supernatural, and science fiction. Bloody wrote the light novel God of High School; Park Yongje provided the illustrations, and it was published by Webtoon.

The 13-episode season 1 of The God of High School, which features animation by MAPPA, gained high popularity when it debuted. That’s why the fans are eager to know whether there will be a season two of their favorite anime show.

A brief about the plot of The God of High School

The plot follows a 17-year-old high school student, Jin Mori, a gifted martial artist from Seoul, South Korea, and his friends that borrow powers from mythical creatures. They compete with Gods in a tournament sponsored by a shady corporation that is meant to determine the strongest high schooler of them. The company will grant the wish of the winner, who will be entitled, ”The God of High School.”

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On the journey, Jin Mori bonds with other contestants upon trying to chase the criminal who stole an old lady’s purse. This is when he meets Yu Mira, a master of the Lost Moon Light Sword Style, and Han Daewi, a practitioner of Full Contact Karate.

Meanwhile, the secret organization confronts Jin Mori’s grandfather, Jin Taejin, and uses him to kidnap Jin Mori. When Jin Mori learns about the situation, he gets motivated to win the competition and save his grandfather. After that, the contestants use the powers they get from the Gods they master during the competition.

In the end, Jin Mori is declared the winner, but instead of using his winning prize to save his grandfather, he uses it to heal the damage that happened throughout the competition.

Is The God of High School Season 2 confirmed?

The first season of The God Of High School premiered on Crunchyroll in the late summer of 2020, airing weekly through September. Unfortunately, the makers have no official word regarding the renewal of The God of High School. Thus, it is difficult to say when will the new season be aired.

What are the factors with regard to anime shows? Well, first is the popularity and how well the public received the show. And second, is whether there is remaining source material to be adapted. In this case, plenty of source material is left to pull from, as the comic upon which “The God of High School” is based remains ongoing.

The official, The God of High School Twitter account has stopped posting since March 2021. In the fifth Crunchoryll anime award, they got nominated for the best animation, fight scene, and score. With the highly coveted awards they received that year, there may be a green light for season 2.

The cast of The God Of High School season 2

Regarding the cast, it seems that the actor Tatsumaru Tachibana, who plays the lead character, Jin Mori, will reprise in the second season. Further, Han Daewi (Kentaro Kumagai) and Yu Mira (Ayaka Ohashi), Jin Mori’s friends, will potentially return as well. Maybe some of the other characters will also reappear, but everything is in the air until we get confirmation from the makers.

When will The God Of High School season 2 be released?

So far, only the first season is there, and hopefully, season 2 is already in the works; we can expect the trailer anytime soon. Well, we are assured that the anime series will have its renewal soon. According to some reports, MAPAA was about to reveal the confirmation in 2022; unfortunately, that didn’t happen. So for the fandom right now, it is a bit disappointing regarding the release of The God Of High School Season 2.

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To cut it short, we can say that right now, no signals or signs are coming for the release of The God of High School season 2. But when we talk about its popularity and the storyline, we expect next season. So viewers, if you haven’t watched the first season of this action-comedy show, we recommend you watch it. And regarding the second season, we can expect that it will come out soon!

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