Interesting facts about Morgan Wallen’s ‘One Thing At A Time’

Morgan Wallen has announced his new album ‘One Thing At A Time‘ which has 36 songs. His new album is set to drop on March 3rd.

Morgan said about his upcoming album, “This record represents the last few years of my life, the highs, and the lows.

It also brings together the musical influences that have shaped me as an artist – country, alternative, and hip-hop. There are 36 songs on this album because we just kept exploring with fresh lyrics, music and production ideas and these are the songs that felt right to me.

It was a blast to create, and I was so grateful to be back in the studio to lay this out for my fans.”

Have a look at the teaser

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Who is Morgan Wallen?

Morgan Wallen is a singer and songwriter. He started his professional career in 2014 and has been loved by his audiences ever since.

His first on-screen appearance was as a contestant in the sixth season of The Voice. He was eliminated in the playoffs but managed to be signed to Panacea Records. Morgan released his debut EP, Stand Alone in 2015 under the label.

Interesting facts about Morgan Wallen’s ‘One Thing At A Time’

The upcoming album by the singer is anticipated to be insanely crazy. It features 36 tracks written by 49 songwriters, four collaborations, and two new genre songs.

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Key highlights about the album

  • Releases on March 3, 2023
  • Joey Moi is the producer of maximum parts of the album
  • Morgan Wallen’s One Night At A Time Tour begins March 15, 2023

We will take you through all songs from his album one by one and decode an interesting fact about every song.

1. Last Night


The audio of the song was released on January 30 by Morgan Wallen. The writers of the song are John Byron, Ashley Gorley, Jacob Kasher Hindlin and Ryan Vojtesak. Hindlin, popularly known as J Cash, is a hit songwriter for artists like Selena Gomez, Charlie Puth and Maroon 5.

2. Everything I Love


The audio lyrics of the song were released on January 30, 2023. This song is written by Morgan Wallen, Ashley Gorley, Ernest K Smith and Ryan Vojtesak. The group is said to have written four songs in the album.

3. One Thing at a Time

 The song’s video lyrics were released on December 1, 2022. Interestingly, Ryan has written numerous pop and hip-hop songs for Khalid and Charlie Handsome.

4. Born with a Beer in My Hand

In October last year, the singer changed his TikTok bio to ‘Born with a Beer in My Hand.’ This gave some hints, though. Nonetheless, we know the song is coming soon.

Factually, the song is written by Morgan Wallen, Zach Abend, and Michael Hardy.

The interesting point here is Hardy has a collaboration with Morgan yet has three songwriting credits in his name.

5. Man Made a Bar

This particular song features Eric Church. Yes, he is the same artist who took Wallen along on tour. Also, he’s the first one to embrace Wallen after his major controversy two years ago.

6. Devil Don’t Know

This song is written by Travis Denning, Jared Mullins, and Ben Stennis. This trio is together, so maybe we could witness some traditional country songs.

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7. 98 Braves

The song is written by Byron, Josh Miller, and Travis Wood.

Interestingly, Travis Wood is an award-winning songwriter and musician, best known for penning consecutive hit singles for the James Barker Band, including “Good Together,” “There’s A Drink For That,” “Keep It Simple,” and “Over All Over Again.

8. Ain’t That Some

Written by Chris LaCorte, Chase McGill, Josh Miller, and Blake Pendergrass, this song was teased by Morgan in December last year.

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9. I Wrote the Book

 The video lyrics of the song were released on January 30, 2023. Wallen, Hardy, and Cameron Montgomery are the writers of the song.

Thanks to Hardy, who wrote eight songs for Wallen’s previous album. The album is certified quadruple-Platinum, and also, Hardy kick-started his career.

10. Tennessee Numbers

Written by Minton, Pendergrass, and Wood, the song is inspired by the actual Tennessee number, 865, which is the area code of Knoxville.

11. Hope That’s True

The song was teased on November 11, 2022. Wallen has written 14 songs on the album, including this one.

12. Whiskey Friends

Written by Wallen, Gorley, Jonathan Hoskins (writer for Khalid), Smith, Josh Thompson and Vojtesak.

13. Sunrise

Byron and Pendergrass write this song.

Interestingly, Joey Moi, producer, stated in Big Loud Publishing that eight of the twenty songwriters have a commission on purchasing or streaming the songs.

14. Keith Whitley

The song is written by Thomas Archer, Brad Clawson, and Mullins. This was teased on January 8, 2023.

15. In the Bible

Written by Byron, Jeff Garrison, Jon Hall, Johnson, and Geoffrey Warburton, it features Hardy.

Surprisingly, when Morgan Wallen was much under controversy for using a racist word, he quoted the Bible in an apology video. Precisely, the verse was 1 Corinthians 13:11.

16. You Proof

The song was released in July 2022. Sitting at No. 1 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart for ten consecutive weeks, this song made a new record.

17. Thought You Should Know

This song was released in May 2022. Although there were a variety of sounds and styles, Galyon, Lambert, Hillary Lindsey and Jessi Alexander are the only people with songwriting credits.

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18. F150-50

Song written by Mullins, Stennis and John Pierce (known for Thank God and Homemade).

19. Neon Star

It is a country boy lullaby written by Wallen, Smith, Thompson and Vojtesak.

20. I Deserve a Drink

Twin brothers Devin Dawson, Jacob Durrett, and Byron and Hillary Lindsey have written the song.

21. Wine Into Water

Looks like Morgan loves alcohol. His debut album featured two songs mentioning alcohol, Dangerous has five, and his upcoming album has six.

22. Me + All Your Reasons

This song was teased in October 2022 and written by Wallen, Gorley, Smith, and Vojtesak.

23. Tennessee Fan

Wallen is reportedly dating Megan Moroney, who signs Tennessee Orange. The song written by Morgan Wallen, Gorley, Smith, and Vojtesak was released in December 2022.

24. Money on Me

The song is written by Michael Lotten, Pendergrass, and Matt Roy (who wrote Done for Chris Janson).

25. Thinkin’ Bout Me

Well, as he said that this album is much related to his life, what is he pointing at?

26. Single Than She Was

Written by Byron, Ben Johnson, and Vojtesak

27. Days That End in Why

Written by Byron, Pendergrass, and Driver Williams. The Song was released on December 1, 2022.

28. Last Drive Down Main

Artists include Jerry Flowers, Ryan Hurd, and Lotten.

29. Me to Me

Written by Wallen, Gorley, Smith, and Vojtesak.

30. Don’t Think Jesus

Written by Jessi Alexander, Mark Holman, and McGill.

31. 180 (Lifestyle)

Somewhat like young thug’s lifestyle, written by Block, Gorley, Holman, Pendergrass, Smith and Vojtesak.

32. Had It

Written by Block, Alex Eskeerdo Izquiedo, and Vajtesak.

33. Cowgirls

This song features Ernest and is written by Block, Gorley, James Maddocks, Smith and Vjjtesak.

34. Good Girl Gone Missing

Written by Wallen, Gorley, Maddocks, Smith and Vojtesak.

35. Outlook

Written by Wallen, Rodney Clawson, and Jeff Hyde. Wallen says, “I grew up in church singing three-part harmonies with my two sisters. That’s how I learned to sing, so this was a full-circle moment for Ashlyne and me.”

36. Dying Man

Written by Johnson, Pendergrass, and Thompson.

Frequently Asked Questions about Morgan Wallen

1. Why is Morgan Wallen famous?

He’s a country music superstar.

2. What cars does Morgan drive?

He recently traded in his sunburnt Silverado for a brand new 2022 ROUSH Super Duty.

3. How rich is Wallen?

His net worth is estimated at $5 million


Morgan Wallen has been in the news for many reasons. His previous relationships, his son with his ex, songs making his way to Billboard Top 100, or his controversies.

Many interesting facts have been disclosed in this article about the country singer.

Interestingly, Wallen has just one lifetime CMA and ACM Award for New Artist of the Year and Album of the Year, respectively, despite his fan following.

Nevertheless, the singer has most recently started his journey, and being here is still commendable.

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