Elton John Quits Twitter due to Misinformation

Since Elon Musk announced that he bought Twitter, we have seen several incidents making the headline. Here is another Headline that has come from Elton John Twitter account. But what is the News?  Elton John Quits Twitter! He cited the reason that Twitter spreads misinformation quickly. Though we are still trying to find out the actual reason behind it. Let’s catch up to know more about it.

Veteran Musician Elton John calls it a quit from the platform!

John Elton informed over Twitter that he is leaving this micro-blogging site because of the misinformation spreading among the users. In his last tweet, he mentioned that he tried to bring people close with the help of music. However, the misinformation divides people, and misinformation spreads on the platform is huge now.

“I’ve chosen to stop using Twitter because of their new policy that will allow disinformation to flourish unchecked,” John wrote in another Tweet.

Two weeks ago, the platform announced that it would no longer enforce a regulation to counteract misinformation about the Covid virus.

How did the Twitter chief react to it?

Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter, said he is a huge fan of Elton John’s music and would love to see him perform again soon. Musk tweeted, “Your music is fantastic. I’m crossing my fingers that you’ll visit again. Is there a certain kind of false information about which you’re especially worried? “The Elton John Twitter departure remains at the center of problems.

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Moreover, he responded to John’s message by saying he hoped the musician would rejoin the social media site soon. John’s departure comes as Twitter is still embroiled in several problems. In addition, it includes backlash over antisemitic posts by Kanye West and Kyrie Irving, which the Anti-Defamation League has condemned, and many others.

A glimpse of John Elton

As one of the most prominent figures in modern pop music, Elton John has significantly impacted the Los Angeles recording scene. He is an expertly nuanced legend in the music industry who requires no introduction. Elton John has a worldwide fan base. It continues to increase with the generations of individuals raised on his music. Many renowned personalities have worked with Elton John.

Know the reason why Elton John Quit Twitter

What about the new policy which John highlighted?

As of Wednesday, November 23rd, 2022, Twitter no longer removes or suspends accounts for violating its prior coronavirus restrictions, according to the company’s website.

In September of this year, it reported suspending over 11,000 accounts for spreading false information about the virus. Twitter had a “five-strike system” in place for users who spread “demonstrably inaccurate or misleading” information about the disease. Moreover, it might “lead to a significant risk of harm,” according to the company’s Covid-specific policy.

Accounts that disseminate false material on Twitter once will not be punished. However, after five warnings, the account of a repeat offender may be locked for a period ranging from a few hours to an indefinite ban.

Final Notes

Here, we come to the end of Elton John Twitter departure. We hope to see him come back to the platform. Some fans said the famous veteran singer who recently toured “Farewell” wants to grab attention. His albums are not selling, and people aren’t buying his albums anymore can be the reason behind it, and can be one of the reasons for this publicity stunt.

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