Three Pines: Release Date , Cast , Plot, Trailer and more

An upcoming Television series based on mystery and crime drama, Three Pines, has some exciting storytelling to do!

Today’s series is Three Pines, and we can not wait to tell our readers what’s in store!

Let’s get down to work.

All the details related to Three Pines

Three Pines – A Series

Three Pines is set to release on Amazon Prime Video on the 2nd of December 2022. Above all, starring Alfred Molina, Three Pines is based on a story on the chief inspector Gamache.

Especially, the cast of the series is quite exciting as we have Molina for sure, and the series is produced by John Griffin. However, there also are some personalities’ names that can actually make the audience go.

Wait what? Is he acting too? Yes, let’s begin!

Three Pines Story Line

The upcoming series of John Griffin (producer) stars some great artists like Alfredo Molina, Rosiff Sutherland, and many more. Also it is based on the novel series, Still Life, written by Louise Penny.

Three Pines is a story of a man who is an investigator. Moreover, he can view subjects that others can not, like the light between the cracks, mythic in the mundane! Meanwhile, during his investigation, he discovers old-buried secrets, since long and few faces of his own demons in particular.

Storyline of Three Pines

Cast and Crew of Three Pines

Three Pines is the next series that has taken audiences by storm. However, the cast and crew have done their utmost to keep this mystery and crime drama series to its standard as it is based on a novel by Louise Penny! Hence, Three Pines and its team really hope this storytelling series will be just.

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The Cast 

  • Alfredo Molina as Inspector Gamache.
  • Rosiff Sutherland as Jean-Guy Beauvoir.
  • Elle-Maija Tailfeathers as Isabelle Lacoste.
  • Sarah Booth as Yvette Nichol.
  • Anna Tierney as Clara Morrow.
  • Julian Bailey as Peter Morrow.
  • Marie France Lambert as Reine- Marie.
  • Tantoo Cardinal as Bea Mayor.
  • Clare Coulter as Ruth Zardo.
  • Fredric Antoini Guimond as Oliver Brule.
  • Pierre Simpson as Gabri Dubeau.
  • Tamara Brown as Myrna Landers.
  • Frank Schorpian as Pierre Arnot.
  • Georgina Lightening as Arisawe Two-Rivers.
  • Isabel Deroy-Olsen as Kara Two-Rivers.
  • Rylie Abakan Simon as Pearl.
  • Anna Lambe as Blue Two-Rivers.
  • Gryffin Hanvelt as Young Gamache.
  • Crystle Lightening as Missy Two-Rivers.
  • Marie-Josee Belanger as Gamache’s Mother.
  • Marcel Jeannin as Superintendent Francoeur.
  • Max Laferriere as Mike Blake.
  • Patricia Summersett as Angela Blake.
  • Joe Cobden as Hayden Smith.
  • Colton Clause as Kevin Kis.
  • Ali Hand as Sophie.
  • Daniel Murphy as Marc Fortier.
  • Joshua Odjick as Tommy Kis.
  • Brett Donahue as Thomas Morrow.
  • Rosemary Dunsmore as Irene Morrow.
  • Mylene Dinh-Robic as Sandra Morrow.
  • Stuart Hughes as Charles Morrow.
  • Willow Astbury as Young Mariana Morrow.
  • Jack Molloy Legault as Young Thomas Morrow.
  • Viggo Hanvelt as Young Peter Morrow.
  • Harriette Legault as Young Julia Morrow.
  • Elizabeth Neale as Mariana Morrow.
  • Laurence Leboeuf as Julia Morrow.
  • Alexandre Ricard as Elliot.
  • Yanna McIntosh as Estelle.
  • Manny Benda as Young Maurice.
  • Vincent Lecrec as Maurice Tradeau.
  • Acacia Hanvelt as Bean.
  • Simone-Elise Girard as CC De Poitiers.
  • Jessica Lee as Drunk Kid #1.
  • Madelyn Keys as Drunk Kid #2.
  • Liam Condo as Drunk Kid #3.
  • Iannicko N’Doua-Legare as Saul Petrov.

The Crew

  • Direction by Samuel Donovan, Tracey Deer and Daniel Groug.
  • Music by Toydrum.
  • Cinematography by Ronald Plante and Yves Belanger.
  • Production Design by Martine Kazemirchuk.
  • Stunts by Alexandre Cardieux, Jonathan David Bedard, Millie Dallas, Felix Famelart, and Mitchell Spour.
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The Trailer Release

The trailer is out on Amazon Prime Video. Also, the tone of the trailer speaks volumes about the storyline giving it a Hercule Poirot feel to the viewers. Moreover, this is for you if you are an Agatha Christie fan!

Three Pines Release Date

As a matter of fact, the Three Pines is based on Louise Penny’s novel series and is set to release on the 2nd of December 2022. Also, it seems like all 8 episodes shall be released at once to binge-watch.


Q. Who is playing the lead role in the upcoming series of Three Pines?

A. Alfred Molina is seen playing the lead role in the upcoming Television series Three Pines.

Q. Will Three Pines, the television series, have a part 2?

A. As of now, there is no 2nd part officially announced yet. However, with no shortage of source material, with more than 16 books to draw attention from (precisely 18), there just may be a second season! Indeed!.

Q. What are the languages the series is created in?

A. The series, Three Pines, is created in French and English.

Q. When was the principal photography of the series completed?

A. The principal photography of the series Three Pines was completed between August to December 2021.

Q. Where was the filming taking place?

A. The filming took place in Montreal and Rural Quebec. Especially in Eastern townships.

Q. When were the premiere date and official trailer of Three Pines released?

A. The release date of the series Three Pines was on the 1st of November 2022.

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Q. How many episodes will be released each week of Three Pines?

A. Each week, 2 new episodes of the Three Pines series will be released.

Q. What else does the trailer unleash about the Series Three Pines?

A. Some of the village’s eccentric residents were shown in the trailer, in the first look of Three Pines, which was released on the 1st of November 2022.

All that you need to know about Three Pines

Final Take

In summary, Three Pines will be a must-watch, as fans of true crime and drama mystery have increased in numbers.

Moreover, the series has a great storyline which is based on Louise Penny’s novel series, Still Life.

In addition, Alfred Molina is starring in the series as the main cast/lead, playing the role of Gamache.

Firstly, releasing on the 2nd of December 2022, the series has a lovely cast and crew list. Indeed, Left Bank Pictures, Muse Entertainment, Amazon Studios, and Sony Pictures Television are the production companies of Three Pines. Also, Secondly, the series’ trailer has surely intrigued the audiences as it sets the tone for the television series. Lastly, the audience is expecting a 2nd season soon.

Anyhoo, leaving all of you with this precise piece of information, we will be back yet again with more exciting information soon.

Stay tuned!

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