O Yeong-su, The Squid Game star charged with Sexual assualt in South Korea

Hola, entertainment fans! This news is for Squid games fans. Recently, one of the actors was charged with some serious allegations. What is the matter? What are the allegations against him? Moreover, what did the actor say? Read the article to learn more about it. On Friday, South Korean judicial officials said that award-winning actor O Yeong-su had been accused of sexual misconduct.

What are the allegations against O Yeong-su?

Since the sexual misconduct allegations surfaced, the culture ministry in Seoul has chosen to pull a government commercial starring Mr. Yeong-su from the air.

In December 2021, the purported victim reported Mr. Yeong-su for criminal wrongdoing. However, no charges were filed against the actor, and the case ended in April 2022. But the BBC reports that “at the victim’s request,” police have renewed their probe.

What did O Yeong-su say on the matter?

Mr. O Yeong-su explained, “I only held her hand to direct the route around the lake,” in a statement. When asked if he admitted guilt, he told the Korean television network JTBC, “I apologized since (the lady) stated she wouldn’t make a fuss over it.”

Variety cited the actor’s comment to JTBC in the matter, in which he was described as saying, “I just held her hand to direct the way around the lake. I apologized because she stated she wouldn’t make a big deal out of it; that doesn’t imply I’m guilty.

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who played Squid Game contestant Oh Il-Nam, has been indicted in South Korea over charges of sexual misconduct.

A glimpse of O Yeong-SU’s career

In 2017, O Yeong-su made history by being the first South Korean actor to receive a Golden Globe award for best-supporting actor for a role in a blockbuster series on Netflix.

Mr. O Yeong-su has been acting for over 50 years. But his work in ‘Squid Game’ brought him international recognition and accolades, as reported by Deadline. He was cast as the oldest competitor in the show’s survival competition. The series follows a group of folks who have fallen on hard times competing in a series of deadly children’s games to win a massive cash prize.

Received fame and recognition for his work!

Squid Game, a smashing success on Netflix, has made O Yeong-su a household name in South Korea and globally. A Little Monk, Soul Guardians, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…and Spring. He has played a role in over 200 plays and films. Dramas such as Chocolate, God of War, The Great Queen Seondeok, and Moon River featured him in addition to Squid Game.

He won the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Miniseries, or Television Film for his work on the show. Furthermore, he was nominated for an Emmy. The September 2021 release of Squid Game is still one of his most well-known works. Additionally, Lee Jung Jae, Park Hae Soo, Lee Byung Hun, Lee Ji Ha, and Anupam Tripathi were among the guest stars.

Squid Game actor O Yeong-su charged with sexual misconduct

Final Words

Mr. O Yeong-su has been on South Korean television in the character of King Lear and as himself in the drama series Chocolate. Moreover, Mr. O Yeong-su is no longer in custody and has been charged. Furthermore, he flatly denied the charge when questioned by authorities.

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