Kevin McCloud Secretly married his Girlfriend Jenny Jones

Known to be one of the most well-known faces of British Television, Kevin McCloud has married a businesswoman, Jenny Jones, secretly! After splitting with his former wife of 5 years, and designer Suzanna McCloud, popularly known as Zani, Mr. McCloud decided to tie the knot with Jenny Jones.

The former wife of McCloud, Zani (Suzanna), is 23 years old and was deeply in shock and pain after hearing about the divorce when the man of the house took his things and left the premises.

A Little About Jenny Jones and Kevin McCloud Bond

The presenter of Grand Designs had seen himself falling in love with Jenny Jones, his present wife, in the year 2021. This was when they were seen taking a light walk, happy and comfortable in together’s company. The two joined hands recently and continue to live happily married lives. Kevin and Zani have a son & a daughter (Milo & Elsie). Kevin also has more kids from his previous relationships.

Grand Designer Kenny marries his girlfriend Jenny

About Kevin McCloud 

Kevin, an outstanding student in his childhood, wanted to be a singer but was invited to Corpus Christi College, which is in Cambridge. Corpus was where he studied the history of art and architecture. Kevin has also written books on decor and colors and decorating techniques! In 1999 he was seen presenting the Grand Designs in its 22nd series, till this day. Growing up in Bedfordshire, he was constantly inspired as Bedfordshire has a range of architectural designs.

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When Jenny and Kevin tied the knot, it was said that the news was first revealed to a friend. As the TV presenter was tangled in the love bond with Jenny Jones, they also decided to keep the wedding a secret, and Kevin’s Pals confirmed this information. The two were also seen arriving back from their honeymoon, as said by Kevin’s friends.

Known to be seen as a Casanova, Kevin McCloud has experienced a pattern with the women in his married life, which he completely denies, but the man sure knows to keep his family sane and together. The kids also are experiencing a heavy load of emotions with the divorce between Zani & Kevin McCloud.

The Reason for Divorce

Many years ago, Kevin mentioned how great he is at keeping cool over any difficult time. Although, behind the cameras, he has been facing a tough time during the year 2020. This posted his divorce in 2019.

However, there is no for their divorce, as it remains a mystery today. As Kevin prefers keeping his life matters a big secret and unknown to the world, it’s highly difficult if we will ever know the reason behind his split up with Suzanna McCloud. When Kevin was seen walking away from their home with his things, Suzanna was just 23. It left Zani broken for sure.

Secret Life of Kevin McCloud

Kevin and His Secret Life

Kevin has always been an individual too secretive about his life. He never spoke about why his divorce from Suzanna occurred. He never spoke about his home or anything to do with his personal life. This makes us now know why he got married to Jenny Jones in secret.

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Although, in a revealing interview with Kevin McCloud, in the hear 2020, Kevin stated that he didn’t enjoy the Limelight and never understood why people behave with known individuals like they are so concerned. This thought transformed him, over time, into this highly private human!

Kevin once spoke to Daily Mail and stated himself, “I don’t think I am a celebrity. If I begin Welcoming people into his home every week, especially in the magazine’s pages, they would soon see how beautifully dull it is.” He also said that it sure is important to maintain a mystique.

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