Singer Kris Wu sentenced for 13 years of Imprisonment for Rape in China

Another scandal seems to be brewing in Hollywood land. An actor from XXX Return of Xander Cage, Kris Wu was sentenced to 13 years in prison for raping a minor. However, it is even more shocking to see the full story that has unravelled in the past few months.

Kris Wu is a well-known media personality who is seen in a couple of Hollywood biggies. He was also part of a Korean Boy Band- EXO’s Chinese Language Spinoff. Moreover, he is also a beauty industry influencer who is known to be tied up with many international brands. His real name is Li Jiaheng which was later changed by the actor before trying his hands at showbiz.

What was Kris Wu Accused for?

What was Kris Wu Accused for?

Kris Wu was accused of rape by a minor who was 17 years old. It is reported that the girl was drunk before this incident took place. Du Meizhu, a 19-year-old student accused Kris of raping her 2 years ago. Kris’s fans were worried after these accusations as some claimed that the accusations were false. The actor was detained in August and the trial was carried out in June without the presence of the media.

According to the accuser’s lawyer, her client has been invited to a house party that Kris Wu had every year. He asked all the girls to submit their cell phones so that no photos or videos can be taken. Once the party started, many people were seen with drugs. After everyone there was drunk enough, Kris took advantage of the situation and had sexual relations with the victim and some other girls at the party. Meizu confirmed that she was only able to realize what has happened once she gained consciousness the next day.

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It was imminent that many previous haters of the actor will be sharing their views about the incident. Also, once the trial started, many luxury brands which hired Wu as a model or brand ambassador, started cutting ties. His upcoming movie contracts were kept on hold until the judgement was finalized.

What was the verdict about Kris Vu?

The Verdict of Kris Wu Case

On 25th November after a 5-month long trial, the court declared that Kris Wu will be imprisoned. His jail time was finalized to be 13 years for Wu. Until the sentence is completed, he will be held in the state’s prison. However, it is announced by the actor’s lawyer that after completing his sentence, the actor will be deported back to China. This verdict consists of two charges which have been proven true for the actor. He has been sentenced to 11 years imprisonment for rape and 1 year ten months for gathering people to commit adultery. It was confirmed in a trial that Kris Wu had invited 3 women to his residence and took advantage of the situation when they were drunk and were not in the condition to resist.

Impact of the Trial

Once the truth got out, his fans were the first ones to condemn the actor’s misconduct. Many people showed their anger on social media via tweets like- “OMG I can’t believe it.”, “Kris Wu is sentenced to 13 years of jail time THE PEOPLE CHEERED!! he deserves it tbh” and many more such tweets from the enraged and emotional fans.

Many international brands like Porsche, Louis Vuitton, L’Oreal men and Bulgari have terminated all contracts with Kris. Being one of the most popular stars in China, Wu was about to begin new projects by the mid of this year. They have all been terminated by production houses. It has been made sure that he does not get any future work in the industry.

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