Hyperkin announces the return of the Iconic Video Game controller Xbox 360 in 2023

Heya! tech geeks and gamers. There is good news for you all. You can relive the memories of playing with Xbox 360 again. But how is this possible? It’s possible now. To know the whole story, we are back with another exciting scoop for you. Xbox 360 is making its official comeback in 2023, but how. The third-party manufacturer Hyperkin has announced the news in an official press release. Read the article to learn more about the news update.

What is the recent update on the Xbox 360’s release?

According to a press release, the Hyperkin Xenon is legally licenced to reproduce the copy of the hardwired gaming controller, Xbox 360. They will resemble the renowned controller that is Xbox 360. Moreover, it functioned as the main gamepad for Microsoft’s second home gaming system a few years back. During development, the Xbox  went under the codename “Project Natal,” and that’s where the term “Xbox 360” comes from.

Hyperkin announced in honour of the Xbox 360’s 17th birthday. Moreover, Hyperkin has said it’ll sell an officially licenced replica of the controller.

Furthermore, they brought back the original “Duke” Xbox controller in 2018. Moreover, the company even released it back on 20th-anniversary versions in 2021. Now, the company has revealed that it will be re-releasing the original Xbox 360 controller.

Is there any official statement released on Xbox 360?

Hyperkin hasn’t released the next controller’s release date, pricing, or specifics. Yet, staying in line with a different language for the controllers as it did with the Duke. Moreover, this legal and official copy will be dubbed the Hyperkin Xenon. Moreover, the Xbox 360’s codename was released before its introduction in 2005.

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It’ll be designed for Xbox attachment and compatible with Xbox Series X|S consoles and Windows PCs. Moreover, it will boast features like the Menu, View, and Share buttons featured on the latest Xbox controllers. The Xenon 360 will work with devices running Windows 10 and 11 and the Xbox One S and X.

A glimpse of the Specifications of Xbox 360

The wired Hyperkin Xenon 360 will come with colour options such as black, white, red, and pink. If you were looking for a dose of nostalgia when you took up the controller again in 2019, Xbox Game Pass has many titles from the Xbox 360 library that are compatible with the system. Although, there are loads of current-generation titles coming to Game Pass next year.

It will come with a detachable USB-C cord and a 3.5mm socket for headphones. Prices and release dates are yet unknown, but if Hyperkin’s $70 reproduction of the Duke controller is any indicator, this might be a very accurate but costly reproduction.

Final notes

Are you considering getting a Hyperkin Xenon Xbox 360? Fans are excited to learn more about this new release. We will finally have a visit down memory lane with this highly-waited release. Gamers will finally have time to try on the best console in their hands.  We will keep you updated in case of new developments and updates to the story.

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