Hi-Drivers Anime: Release Date, Plot, Cast and more

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Let’s have a glance at Hi-Drivers, an anime!

Hi-Drivers Anime is a race film that the Hi-YouTube Drivers account has additionally published a title track song or a theme song music video called “Hi Drivers!”.

The video mainly contains an anime idol vibe with various anime characters performing, like showing dance moves and performing the track. Nonetheless, Director Naoya Andou and the production house, Sunrise and Bandai Namco Arts came up with a nice visual.

Everybody is probably curious about the release date of Hi-Drivers and is, however, indeed, talking about it.

About Hi-Drivers Film

Hi Drivers Anime

Hi-Drivers is a race film directed by Naoya Andou and produced by Sunrise and Bandai Namco Arts. The teaser, cast, primary photo, and staff have also been unleashed and the principal cast involves names like:

  • Director – Naoya Andou.
  • OG Character Designs – Pako.
  • Character Design – Tomoyuki Fujii.
  • Music Production – Sunrise Music & Lantis.
  • Animation Production – Sunrise.
  • Production – Sunrise and Bandai Namco Arts.

Each racing team in the movie includes a distinct theme soundtrack composed by:

  • Mitsunori Ikeda – Night Break.
  • JUVENILE – Nanairo Monster.
  • Teddy Loid – SIN Destiny.
  • Motsu – Djungarian.
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Actors and their Racing Teams

Various actors and artists have worked in the film, Hi-Drivers, where each actor is in their respective team.

1.  Racing Team – Night Break

  • Yuuri Ise (Actor) has played Akatsuki Kamishiro.
  • Junichi Suwabe (Actor) has played Tobari Shiranui.
  • Makoto Furukawa (Actor) has played Yuhi Kurebayashi.
  • Yuuki Sakakihara (Actor) has played Shu Mikoshiba.

2. Racing Team – Nanairo Monster

  • Ivan Shibata (Actor) has played Raiu Shakado.
  • Jun Fukuyama (Actor) has played Cloud Hibiki.
  • Kosuke Toriumi (Actor) has played Kasumi Todo.

3. Racing Team – SIN Destiny

  • Hayato Dojima (Actor) has played Kyo Toritani.
  • Masaya Fukunishi (Actor) has played Kei Ryugasaki.
  • Ayumu Murase (Actor) has played Rin Saotome.
  • Subaru Kimura has played Manto Kamenashi.

4. Racing Team – Djungarian

  • Takuya Eguchi (Actor) has played Jin Oji.
  • Hiroyuki Yoshino (Actor) has played Matoko Itagaki.
  • Daisuke Hirakawa (Actor) has played Chu Higuchi.

Hi-Drivers Film Base

The story is based on God Tenbar, a city that is the base of Mount Fuji with many neighborhoods and the Saturday Night Million racing competition occurs monthly and features teams from the region. However, people and money are poured into the winning team’s zone, although repeated failures may lead to losing EVERYTHING.

Moreover, the Night Break Racing Team is filled with rookie racing assembled by a driver who afterward achieves fame suddenly.

Hi-Drivers Theme Song and Release

On the 5th of November 2022, the theme song of Hi-Drivers was unleashed, further to a soundtrack with a music video.

The video grasped all the anime fans who idolize anime. Besides, the video has visuals of team members of the framing teams dancing and breaking a leg.

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Hi-Drivers Film Trailer

Although the film’s release date is not out yet, this film is in full gear with the trailer launch release, which happened on the 27th of March, 2022. Besides, this upcoming original anime film has taken its fans by the wind.

Hi-Drivers Film’s Second Trailer Release

On the 28th of March, the production released its second film teaser trailer, revealing more than just what the first trailer revealed. Whereas, the second trailer revealed key visuals, set details, and more about the cast and staff line-up.

Hi-Drivers Film Staff Line-Up

The staff lineup for this anime film Hi-Drivers is as follows:

  • Director – Naoya Andou.
  • Illustrator – Pako.
  • Character Designer – Tomoyuki Fujii.
  • Animation Production Company – Sunrise.

Collaborations with Hi-Drivers

The film crew has additionally joined hands with Bandai Namco Arts to announce the forthcoming trailer release featuring inputs from Japanese automotive brands. The brands that have joined hands are Honda Motor Co., Subaru (Fuji Heavy Industries), Toyota Motor Corporation, and Nissan Motor Co Ltd.

However, these automobile brands have joined hands with the production house to develop a franchise via mixed media. This step shall improve the development of social media channels and viewer participation.


Q. How many teams are portrayed competing in the racing competition?

A. In the Hi-Drivers, a race film, 4 teams compete against each other to win the prize.

Q. How many trailers did the film release?

A. The film Hi-Drivers is based on a racing competition and has released 2 trailers.

Q. What did each film trailer reveal?

A. The first trailer was just about the visuals and the soundtrack composed for the film. However, the second trailer revealed even more than the key visuals and the staff and cast lineup.

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Q. Who is Naoya Andou?

A. Naoya Andou is the Director of the film Hi-Driver. She was an assistant director at Kenomo Friends season 2 and the co-director at Love-Live, Sunshine, The School Idol Movie, and many more.

Q. Are there any sequels of Hi-Drivers?

A. No, the film does not have any other parts or sequels. This is the first and the only, as of yet.

Q. Has the film succeeded in spreading awareness?

A. The film has spread around the anime freaks, and there are toys and soft toys made on characters like Cloud Hibiki and Rin Saotome.

A Final Thought

Hi-Drivers mainly focuses on street racing and is an anime-centric film that has indeed done its best to create hype around the world. Though the release date is not out yet, the film released 2 teaser trailers back to back, revealing a little by little of the film and its songs, cast, and staff line-ups.

The film is directed by Naoya Andou, who has done brilliant work with various inherent directors by co-directing or assisting in films.

Hi-Drivers has indeed created a blast for anime lovers, and we are not done yet.

Stay tuned for more information on other spicy topics.



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