Chrisean Rock : What is net Worth? Who is her boyfriend?

We are back with yet another celeb artist on the line. Opening up Chrisean Rock’s life right here. Chrisean Rock is a well-known New-Age American rapper, songwriter, social media influencer, content creator, model, and an IG star! Chrisean Rock, a famous rapper in the country, is known for her music and lifestyle content on social media.

Rock graduated from Santa Monica College, California, where she learned Track and has a degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science.

But the real question is, do ya’ll think she’s as funky as she seems to be? Let’s dig deeper!

Who is Chrisean Rock?

The famous American rapper Chrisean Malona, aka Chrisean Rock, is well-known for her musical skills and was born on the 14th of March, 2000. She has a YouTube channel with well-loaded subscribers, where she posts about her lifestyle and music creations, using the channel more like a vlog. Rock released many of her singles on her YouTube channel and performed in many music videos and TV series.

Wait! Are you sure your peeps are updated with her relationship with Blueface, aka Jonathan Porter? NO? okay, here it spills!

As per a new report, Jonathan Porter (Blueface) and Chrisean Rock broke up. A fan leaked a video of their fight to TMZ, and the break up of the notorious couple was evident in their public drama on the streets of Hollywood.

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Who is Chrisean Rock?

Chrisean Rock’s Family

The 22-year-old star, Chrisean Rock, was born in Baltimore, Maryland, United States. Her father was a serviceman, and her mother was a homemaker. Rock spent her adolescence in the Baltimore neighbourhood where she grew up. Though she currently lives in Los Angeles, Rock often says that Baltimore has always been a special place for her.

Since childhood, she has had to work hard for a living. When she was a 9-year-old kid, Rock went homeless and had no consistent place to live.

Rock has 10 younger siblings and 1 elder sibling belonging to a large family. Many times during her childhood, things were not that well with the family. Her dad was sentenced to jail, her mother struggled with addiction, and Chrisean Rock went through a stressful childhood amidst all the chaos.

Chrisean Rock’s Social Media Exposure

Her ever-active Instagram page

Chrisean Rock ensures she is active on Instagram and has around 1.9 million followers. She keeps them updated on her fancy outfits, jewellery, daughter, relationship, and life.

The star recently posted on her loaded diamond chain worth millions, along with her diamond-loaded wristwatch.

Chrisean Rock’s YouTube Channel

The rapper started the YouTube channel in 2018 and has around 48.8k subscribers. She shares her lifestyle videos and soundtracks on the channel, making it more like a vlog.

Some of the soundtracks she released on her YouTube channel are:

  • VIBE
  • Word to my Brother
  • Lonely
  • Rainy Days
  • Adin Ross Disstrack

Chrisean Rock in TikTok

Like the other social media platforms, Rock posts her pictures, modeling around town, and studies on TikTok, letting her fans know her goals. She loves to make lip-sync TikTok videos, and she’s good at it!

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But is it all a facade? It might not be, after all.

Chrisean Rock and her Boyfriend Blueface

Chrisean Rock’s Personal Life – Boyfriend and Current Partner

The famous rapper, Rock, began dating Blueface, aka Jonathan Porter, a famous American rapper who was also a boxer.

Though Rock has always been an open-minded young woman, both partners were never open about when they began their relationship.

Chrisean Rock was the first artist to sign with Bluface’s label, and Bluface was her boss too! On the 1st of August 2022, a video of the couple fighting on the streets was leaked online, but no information is available about their fight as to why and how that even happened. Here is a video showing Blueface attacking Rock’s father after he punched him.

Both Chrisen Rock and Blueface seemed to have had a good time as long as they lived together.

Did we hear that Blueface is in jail?

According to the police, Blueface is believed to be a part of the October shooting on Las Vegas Boulevard and sunset road.

Chrisean Rock’s Networth, Income, etc.

Let’s make one thing clear; Chrisean Rock rose to fame post her music debut. Let’s not put the fame blame on anybody; she’s earned it! The multi-professional’s net worth is 1.2 million. Rock is a known model, and as a rapper, she has signed to many record labels and is working on tracks that will be released soon.

Facts about Chrisean Rock

  • Did you know Rock has a Blueface tattoo on her neck?
  • Rock once, in a fight, lost her tooth!
  • Brands that Rock promotes on social media are streetwise and swimwear.
  • Chrisean Rock’s parents raised her with 11 siblings.
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What does Chrisean Rock look like?

Rock is an African American with black hair, medium-length pierced ears, and black eyes. She weighs around 54kgs and is 165cm tall, and her shoe size is 6 US.


Q. Why is Chrisean Rock famous?

A. The popular US rapper Chrisean Rock is known for her social media posts and lifestyle as a model.

Q. Is Chrisean Rock currently dating anybody?

A.  Chrisean Rock isn’t dating anybody but recently broke up with Bluface, aka Jonathan Porter.

Q. Were Chrisean Rock and Bluface in a happy relationship?

A. There is not much information about their relationship as there was never out and around about it.

Q. What happened in the streets of Hollywood?

A. Chrisen Rock and Blueface got into a physical fight on the streets of Hollywood.

Wrapping It Up

Here is all about Chrisean Rock and the roller coaster lifestyle with her 11 siblings, her daughter, her relationship with Blueface, her social media modelling career, and her love for music.

She sure has made her way up and gained more popularity as she hopped on the ride with Blueface.

Anyhoo, readers, stay tuned for more peppy info.

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