Brent Rivera: Is he single? What does he do for his living?

Howdy entertainment fans, here we are back again with the biography of a new celeb. We will be unfolding a Brent Rivera life today. You will learn more about his life and relationship status in this article. Are you ready? Read on further to unfurl more about this global sensation.

Brent Rivera was born on January 9, 1998. When he was 11 years old in 2009, he began making videos. Since then, he’s made a living making entertaining videos for the internet. A popular YouTuber and social media figure, Brent Rivera is a force to be reckoned with online. His formal education was concluded in the Golden State. Throughout his career, Rivera has consistently displayed his innovative spirit.

In 2020, he took home the trophy for the best creator at the Streamy Awards. All the major content distribution platforms are saturated with millions of the creator’s fans. Thanks to his efforts, huge strides have been made in the content creation field. Anyone who shares our appreciation for him on this day is welcome to join us in our festivities.

What does Brent Rivera career Look like?

For over a decade, he has been making riveting videos. He originally made videos for Vine before expanding to other services. Rivera’s place of birth is Huntington Beach, California. Both his astrological sign and his heritage indicate that he is a Latino. His parents’ names are John Rivera and Laura Marie Paternoster. Regarding his family, the actor prioritizes his relationship with his mom. He’s the youngest of three siblings. His sister, Lexi Rivera, is also well-known in the media.

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Vine videos he made helped him gain notoriety. In 2013, he was already a major player in the Vine community. He had over eight million followers before the site was shut down.

Rivera has branched out into video directing in addition to his acting career. His social media accounts and channels are stuffed with videos. About his upbringing and schooling, almost nothing is known. It’s no surprise that Rivera is a born performer. His entire life has been spent working in the field of entertainment.

All the details about Brent Rivera

Family of Brent Rivera

Brent’s siblings are named Brice and Black. Brent’s sister is named Lexi. John Rivera is his father, and Laura Marie Paternoster is his mother. Moreover, this actor has a very special relationship with his mom.

 Brent Rivera’s Professional and private commitments

According to the rumors, Brent dated model Morgan Justus before he dated Eva Gutowski this year (2019). Brent and his best friend Pierson are often seen having fun together. At the tender age of 10, he launched his career as a video maker. Moreover, this actor shot to stardom thanks to the video-sharing platform Vine.

In addition, he had a role in Alexander IRL. Light as a Feather and How to Survive a Break-Up were just two of the shows he appeared in during his career. Brent is a director as well as an actor. Brent’s talent in videography and acting made him a household name in 2013.

Are brent rivera and pierson wodzynski dating?

Social Media Exposure of Brent

Brent Rivera on Instagram

Brent’s Instagram following currently stands at over 18.3 million (as of March 30, 2020). In his Instagram posts, he frequently makes people laugh out loud. He’s not only an actor but an Amp squad member as well. In 2014, he also met Shawn Mendes, a meeting he documented with a throwback photo he posted to Instagram not long ago. Numerous of Brent’s Instagram videos feature his sister Lexi. Over 5.5 million Instagram users follow his sister (as of March 30, 2020).

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YouTube Career of  Rivera 

He has more than eleven million people subscribed to Brent’s channel. His videos have been viewed over two billion times (as of March 30, 2020). One of his videos has been viewed over 32 million times on YouTube. Moreover, the title of the video is Modern Children. Every week, you can expect new videos of his pranks and challenges. He is known for comedic antics and uploads to the internet. The actor has worked on numerous YouTube videos with his family.

Brent Rivera and Tik Tok

Brent’s TikTok account has over 560.2 million likes and 23.8 million followers (as of March 30, 2020). His latest TikTok video about Coronavirus has been watched over 19.4 million times and liked over 2.1 million times. One of his TikTok collaborations with his best friend Pierson has amassed more than 30.6 million views.

The Wealth of Brent Rivera

It has been estimated that he is worth $6.5 million. Similarly, Brent Rivera’s shows cost a fortune to attend. Moreover, he is acting as an endorser for various brands. He also makes money off of his YouTube channel. Moreover, he is a producer. Brent also designs and sells his clothing line under the label Relatable Apparel.


Q.What is Brent Rivera’s ethnicity?

A.Originally from Mexico, he is also of European descent.

Q.Can we assume that Brent Rivera and Pierson Wodzynski are married?

A.No, they are not married. Even though Pierson and Brent Rivera were a couple in the past, they are now just friends.

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Q. How did Rivera and Pierson meet?

A.The “Date Takeover” is where Pierson and Brent Rivera first connected. Rivera’s sister, Lexi, got to pick out his girlfriend, and she settled on Pierson.

Wrapping up

Brent Riveria is a global sensation now. After curating vines for his channel, he is now acting for big tv shows and movies. Sharing humorous content with his online followers is one of his favorite things. Moreover, Brent polls his followers and friends to determine what kind of video to make next. According to rumors, the actor is also a generous benefactor. Moreover, he has helped numerous people and organizations. He has donated to various noble causes too.

Brent Riveria is a well-known star who rose to stardom because of his acting skills. His fans love him. Moreover, his comic acts are flawless. He is known for shooting videos with his friends most of the time. There is a long way for Brent to ace the skills. Moreover, let’s see what the star will do in the future. He has garnered immense success and fame in a short period. We wish him all the luck in his future endeavors.

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