Google One VPN : Is it coming to Mac And Windows? Price and more

Hello Tech geeks! Here we are back with another piece of news. Google is a big tech firm known for its apps, such as Google Chrome. In this article, we will talk about Google One VPN. Will this be rolled out on Mac and Windows? What will be the price, or may there be a subscription-based service? Are you curious about Google 1 VPN? Where do you see the advantages?

Google has released its One VPN service for Mac and Windows laptops. A desktop version of One VPN is now available for both Mac and Windows computers. A virtual private network, or VPN, encrypts data in transit and conceals the user’s IP address, making for a safer online experience. Until recently, Android users could use Google’s One VPN service. Just recently, support for Apple’s iOS devices was added.

Google claims that their VPN service, VPN by Google One, does not keep logs of user activity while they are connected to the service. It does not gather any data that could be used to identify the user. Google says its One VPN service doesn’t keep logs of information.

We will unravel it all for you. Without any further wait, let’s start it.

A glimpse of Google One VPN service

Google’s One VPN app adds an extra layer of security to your connection by encrypting your data. Once the VPN is activated, the app protects users from threats using insecure connections such as public Wi-Fi. The fact that your IP address is being masked makes it harder to determine where you are.

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Many VPN services have supported multiple platforms for quite some time so that desktop apps may be a bit late. Depending on your circumstances, this may not be the best choice. If you’re only focused on protecting your activity data, you can get a free Opera VPN or pay $60 per year for access to Mozilla’s VPN, which includes regional server options. The bundle is still Google’s strong suit; after all, you’re not buying a VPN, just cloud storage.

Google One VPN At a glance

Where can you use Google One VPN service?

It is a matter of concern whether the service is available for use. The virtual private network service Google One is now accessible in 22 countries.  However, Google One service and plans are available in the USA and India.

Benefits of Google One VPN

The Mac and Windows programs are available in the Benefits section of the Google website for subscribers to the 2TB plan. Get the apps, and then set up your device as directed. According to 9to5Google, the updated apps may take some time to roll out globally.  Google One VPN should become available shortly.

After installing and launching Google 1 VPN, a new icon will appear in your Windows taskbar or Mac’s menu bar. Users have complete control over the VPN and can activate or deactivate it at will addition. Each member can add six VPN-connected gadgets simultaneously.

That’s yet another great perk. When the Mac and Windows apps for Google 1 VPN finally arrive, most people will have a way to protect their mobile devices, desktop computers, and laptops.

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Google One VPN will it be available on MAC

What is the price?

Premium Google One subscribers can make use of the VPN service. The plans start at $10/month (or 650) and include 2TB of storage space or more. Although Google One subscriptions are available in India, the Google 1 VPN service is not. In other words, Google One VPN is inaccessible to Indian users.

Nonetheless, the same limitation holds. Only those who pay for Google’s most expensive cloud storage plan, Google One, can use the VPN service. Pricing for the Premium plan, which includes 2TB of storage space, is $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year.

As a bonus, you’ll get 10% back as Google Store credit for any purchases you make under the plan. Plus, up to five people can use your account at once. For groups or families, that’s a definite plus to think about.

The Google One 100GB and 200GB plans do not support VPN connections. Only the 2TB Google One plan includes a free service. However, Google One’s 2TB plan simplifies the process by bundling a VPN and a large amount of cloud storage space. Since it is compatible with all the most popular OSes, you can keep Google 1 VPN active and ready on every device you own.



Q. What is the price of Google One VPN?

A. The plan starts from $ 10 per month.

Q. In how many countries is the app available?

A. it is available in 24 countries as of now.

Q. Is it based on a subscription-based service?

A. Yes, it is based on a subscription-based model.

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Q. In how many dollars can you buy the service?

A. The plan starts from $ 10 and may vary as per needs.

Wrapping up

Tech updates always make headlines. As advancement proliferates, it becomes important to get updates on the trend. Google One VPN will protect the systems from attackers. Moreover, the hassle of using it over mobile is finally ending. It is supported in 22 nations and is extremely beneficial. Although, there are more updates on the way. Let’s see what Google will do to make it the best VPN in the market.

Google’s VPN will safeguard the systems from malicious intruders. You can buy the subscription as per your needs. However, you can share it with six people. This is an edge over other competitors.

For more tech updates, catch up with us.

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