iOS 15.7.1: Overview, Features and Issue in the OS

Hello tech geeks; here we are back again with exciting news for you. You are well aware that Apple launched iOS 16.1 in the second last week of October 2022. Now, it is back again with the release of another update of iOS 15.7.1. Interestingly, people who don’t want to jump to the new iOS 16 can download this one.

There are various reasons behind it, such as Apple’s older devices that do not support the update. Moreover, those who don’t want to install a new iOS 16 can opt for this one. This new update will have extra features and improvements for the devices that are the talk of the town.

As per the official statement released by Apple, this update is solely concerned with security updates. Therefore, it is recommended for all users. Some previous reports analyzed that earlier versions of iOS had security patches. In the same light, it was decided to release these new versions.

Why is the update so vital for iOS users?

As a fact, sometimes the update is not compatible with various apps. Make sure before switching to the new update to wait for some time. iPhones 6s and 7 also support this update to iOS, even though these models are quite old. People with these handsets can download and install this update on their devices.

The list of systems that have received security patches for flaws includes 17 systems. According to a study, users should update as soon as they can install iOS 15.7.1 or iPadOS 15.7.1. Since it fixes known security flaws that could put the user in danger. We will unravel this new update in the article.

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Updates in Apple


iOs update 15.7.1 and iPadOS 15.7.1 was released on 27th October 2022. It was designed for users with older devices of Apple. It is available for people who do not want to update to iOS 16. Users can download it from Settings. As per Apple’s release notes, this update entails some vital security improvements for users.

The update is also accessible for people who prefer to stay on iOS 15 for longer rather than upgrade to iOS 16. It is because of the numerous problems that have occurred with time that ruined the experience for the users

Apple did the same with iOS 14 last year but removed the feature after a few months. This is done so that customers can stick with a more stable version of iOS. Until the upgrade has been polished and new versions of iOS do not cause compatibility problems with certain apps.

An earlier iOS 15.7.1 had security loopholes such as compromised security features and vulnerabilities. This also entailed kernel vulnerability. As per some reports, it is the most actively exploited security concern for users. According to Apple, it is advised to download this version of iOS as soon as possible.

What are the Features of iOS 15.7.1?

One of the major features of iOS 15.7.1 is security fixes. The multiple kernel compromises and vulnerabilities have all been addressed in this update. Along with the same, it is seen that issues about contacts, safari, shortcuts, and WebKit were also taken care of. All the security bugs have been eradicated.

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Kernel vulnerabilities have actively exploited Apple’s earlier versions. This became the major reason for to launch of iOS 15.7.1. Besides this, no such enhanced features were installed on this updated version.

What are the Issues in this update?

It was realized by Apple recently that the update had minor issues. One of which was that people had shown their concern about Face unlock and face ID. Secondly, people have seen memory-handling problems. The release of iOS 15.7.1 was delayed because of security reasons.

Is it still fighting with security patches? Yes, it is a bit delayed in curbing the security patches. Facing Face ID issues is a major concern faced by iOS 15.7.1 users.

Issue in iOS 15.7.1

What’s more to the update?

Users of iOS 15 should only anticipate specialized fixes and security updates while Apple is already beta testing iOS 16.2. Given Apple’s dedication to maintaining compatibility with earlier operating systems, iOS 15.7.2 will certainly be released at some time. However, it won’t be until a large new zero-day vulnerability is identified.

In the meantime, iOS 16.1 is expected to be the most reliable release of iOS 16 if you are itching to upgrade. iOS 15 is a mature platform. Unlike iOS 16, which is still working to fix all of the flaws in its original release.

This makes iOS 15.7.1 a strongly advised update. As the security patch’s relevance and the scant amount of upgrader concerns. There is just one warning a small percentage of upgraders are experiencing Face ID problems.

Which one is better, iOS 16 or iOS 15.7.1?

Compared to iOS 16, it has fewer crash reports and a seamless user experience. iOS 15.7.1 is a more solid and fine upgrade than iOS 16. It is loaded with security upgrades and patches for devices that can’t or don’t want to update to iOS 16. Moreover, tech giant Apple has launched iOS 15.7.1 and iPadOS 15.7.1.

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AppleInsider claims that the latest update for iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 corrects the same vulnerabilities. Moreover, it includes the security patches in the most current iOS 16.1 and macOS Ventura versions.

How to install iOS 15.7.1?

To install iOS 15.7.1, you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open Settings app
  • Go to the General menu
  • Go to software update
  • Tap on install iOS 15.7.1

It is important to note that disable the Automatic Updates on your iOS devices. You need to install the updates manually.


Q.Which apple devices cannot install this update?

Ans.iPhone users having 6s and 7 can download this update and use it.

Q.Can existing iPhone users opt out of the iOS 16 update?

Ans.iPhone users can opt-out of iOS 16 by installing iOS 15.7.1 on their devices.

Wrapping up

iPhone users often find new advancements and updates fascinating. Although there may be some hidden security patches that are missed.  Apple has come up with new updates to cover these security concerns. Apple is also working on updates to iOS 16.2, bringing new updates for the users. It is available in beta versions for developers. Still, iOS 15.7.1 is a great alternative for users out there.

Except for optimizations and security upgrades, the update does not include any new functionality for older iPhone models.

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