The Walking Dead : What happened in Sunday’s Episode that you might have missed?

Hello, Walking dead fans! Have you missed Sunday’s episode? Don’t fret; we have got you covered. Are you excited to know more about Sunday’s episode of walking dead? Here we have Nine things you might have missed on Sunday’s episode of “The Walking Dead”. Some spoilers are ahead for this episode too. Here, we will explain some small details you might have missed on Sunday’s episode.

Recap of The Walking Dead

In the last of The Walking Dead episode of Season 11, Episode 16, which aired in April before the show went on hold for a while. Lance Hornsby rounded up the Oceanside crew and flipped a coin to decide what would happen to them. Eugene’s group has been asking Mercer to help stop this corruption for the past few episodes but to no avail.

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Things that you might have missed in the Episode of The Walking Dead

 1. The Princess became the Helper

At the beginning of the episode, Magna and the others probably couldn’t have made a map without Princess’s help. Eugene, Yumiko, and Ezekiel were impressed by how much Princess cared about the little things. When the episode starts, Magna and the other survivors closely watch the Commonwealth soldiers figure out where they are. Princess was probably necessary here.

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2. What happened to Taylor Davis In The Walking Dead’s Recent Episode?

 In season 10, Davis was kicked out of the Commonwealth army after they fought. So, in season 11, episode 10, he held Max hostage in front of Governor Milton at a private ball for the wealthy people in the town.

Connie and Kelly began looking for people who were missing in the Commonwealth. In the eleventh episode of the eleventh season, Davis’ name was the last one added to a list of names.

As he is being taken away, he screams for equality in the Commonwealth and says there are thousands of Commonwealth resistors. We now know that this wasn’t just a rumour.

3. They didn’t find out Lance saved them until Sunday’s episode.

Luke and Jules come back for the first time to tell Aaron, Jerry, Lydia, and Elijah what happened in Oceanside and stop them from going there. Jules tells the others what happened to Oceanside: “They just took over.”

We never see Oceanside, but it’s likely that it, like Alexandria and the Hilltop, has been turned into a Commonwealth station.

The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 21

4. Eugene’s speech

During important parts of Eugene’s speech to the jury, the camera stays on Mercer to show how the two characters are alike. Eugene’s words hit Mercer right in the heart. Moreover, this shows how much they are alike.

At the end of his trial, Eugene speaks to the crowd about killing Sebastian. He compares the corruption in Negan’s group to Governor Pamela Milton’s Commonwealth. Like Eugene with the Saviors, Mercer knows that there is corruption in the Commonwealth that needs to be cleaned up. 

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5. Eugene is then found to be responsible for Sebastian’s death.

At the end of the episode, Mercer tells Eugene he’s on their side going forward. This is likely because of his speech.

Eugene isn’t joking when he tells the crowd that he changed the world. He talks about how he helped Rick’s group beat Negan in the war. Eugene is seen making bullets in season eight, episode 15.

Eugene was the only person who made bullets for the Saviors. He messed up the ammunition so that it backfired on Negan’s group. This gave Rick a chance to take Negan hostage in season eight.

6. Negan probably gave himself up in part to show the Warden 

At the end of the episode, when Negan thinks he’s about to die, he smiles at the Warden.

At Alexandria, the Warden of the Commonwealth asks Negan to tell on a traitor in Ezekiel’s group. Near the episode’s end, it seems like Negan will turn in Ezekiel. Negan gives himself up as the traitor, which is a big surprise.

Earlier in the episode, when the Warden says Negan doesn’t have what it takes to be a leader, he doesn’t realize he’s describing Negan to himself.

Negan probably wanted to show the Warden how wrong he was about him, keeping his pregnant wife safe and watching out for the rest of the group, which was something no one would ever expect from him.

7. Negan is finally asked to kneel in front of a strong group.

At the end of the Episode of The Walking Dead, Negan kneels in front of a row of Commonwealth soldiers while the rest of the heroes watch. Negan first appeared on the show when he set up Rick’s group to kill Abraham and Glenn. This scene is the exact opposite of that.

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Negan gets a taste of how Rick and the others felt when they were helpless and scared for a loved one many years ago. As the soldiers get ready to shoot him, Negan gives the Warden his classic Negan smirk, showing that he is very wrong about him.

8. What did Warden say to Negan?

The Warden told Negan earlier in the episode that real leaders “separate” and do things that other people “don’t have the stomach” to do.

But neither of those things happens by the end of the episode of The Walking Dead. Because of this, he ends up dying.

The Warden tells his soldiers to kill Negan and a pregnant woman instead of killing Negan himself. Years ago, Negan didn’t tell any of his thugs that Abraham or Glenn had died. He did it himself to show that he was a scary person.


Q. Which are two important parts that stand out?

Ans. Mercer is shown looking at Eugene before looking down and saying: “I was aware of what was going on. I was to blame because I didn’t do anything and hated myself for that.”

A few seconds later, Eugene tells the crowd that he stood up to Negan to help his friends, even though it put his life in danger. Because of what he did, they did well.

Q.What was the reason for Negan’s End?

Ans. Eugene talks about how one person can make a difference during his speech. Even though it sounds cliche, Eugene was the main reason the war with Negan ended in The Walking Dead.

Q.Why did Rosita kill the warden?

Ans. Rosita killed the Warden because he was too out of control. Kang also said that the last scene of Sunday’s show had “different versions.”

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