Who was Hurricane G? How did she Die? Her Contribution to Hip-Hop Music

We lost one more gem today!  Hurricane G is no more between us. And we are still not able to process the information about her death. The news broke out on Sunday. She was 52 years old. And one of the finest artists in the Industry. The details regarding her death are still not confirmed.  Let’s get to know about Hurricane G and her personal life and pay her our tribute! We have tried to gain all the information about her life journey in the article!

Who is Hurricane G?

Hurricane G  was a Puerto Rican-born rapper and a former member of Def Squad and Hit Squad. Hurricane G’s birth name was Gloria Rodriguez.

She was born in Brooklyn, New York. She used Hurricane G as her stage name for her career in show business, which gave her a better reputation. Her contribution to the rapping industry in English and Spanish is about 25 Years.

Hurricane G had a huge fan base in the US because of her music. Due to her stage name, no one recognizes her as her real self. She will always be remembered as Hurricane G in our memories. She has contributed to various albums. These are a few of the names Redman, Keith Murray, Xzibit, Delinquent Habits, Funkdoobiest, and Cocoa Brovaz. She was the first female member of the Hit Squad.

Hurricane G's Career Details

What was the reason for her Death?

According to an Instagram post by Erick Sermon, Hurricane G passed away on Sunday, November 6. No information was available regarding the cause of her death. However, several members of the hip-hop community have confirmed her death via social media. 

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On Instagram, Domingo Padilla, who produced her 1997 debut album, All Woman, offers his condolences. “R.I.P. to my dear friend Hurricane G it was really sad to hear this news. It was an honour to work on her debut album and get to know her. God bless her daughter and family.”

What did the near and dear ones say about her death?

Erick Sermon of E.P.M.D. had a child with the late rapper. He shared Gloria Rodriguez’s passing on social media on Sunday night (November 6). 

In a sad Instagram post, Sermon also honoured Rodriguez as an MC. He says that her wife carried the torch as a woman and a role model for hip-hop with Puerto Rican heritage. Sermon also mentions her family connection. 

The public is still unaware of the specifics of Hurricane G’s demise. Her family, on the other hand, confirmed this tragic information. Her passing has left her family and the hip-hop community in mourning. As soon as they learn of her passing, her family receives messages of condolence and memorials on social media.

Hurricane G Career Details

Hurricane G became well-known in the middle of the 1990s. Gloria made a memorable appearance on the 1992 Redman hit song- Tonight’s da Night. 

It was before her appearance on Xzibit’s At The Speed Of Life, Organized Konfusion’s The Equinox, and Delinquent Habits’ self-titled album. In 1994, she also appeared on Red’s Dare Is A Dark Side.

When E.P.M.D. was in disarray, Hurricane G signed a record deal with Capitol Records. During her time on the roster, the MC’s career suffers significantly due to the Hollywood, California-based imprint’s restructuring.

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The video for the single “Somebody Else” was made by fellow Brooklynite Domingo. In addition, Das E.F.X. and other Hit Squad members appeared on the album.

Hit Squad’s Only Female Rapper

Hurricane G was the Hit Squad’s first female member during its forming. In addition, she was one of the first members of the Hit Squad when it was the first female made available to the general public in 1997. 

When she became the first woman to join the Hit Squad, she broke the norm and dispelled preconceived notions that were prevalent at the time. She was a guest vocalist on the song “PE 2000” by Puff Daddy. PE 2000 was released in 2000 and featured her as a featured artist.

The Rise of Hurricane G

The year  1998 saw the release of her first studio album. Her single “Somebody Else” debuted on the Hot Rap Singles chart of Billboard Magazine in  1997. The single debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at position ten.

All Woman was its tile, and she had worked on it for a considerable time before its release. All Woman’s release was in 1997 on Jellybean Benitez’s H.O.L.A. Records label. 

What is the Estimated Wealth for G?

At the time of his death, Hurricane G’s wealth was estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million. She made the most money as a well-known American rapper.

Remembering Hurricane G  

Remembrances for the Rapper

Tributes to Hurricane G “I have so many crazy stories from working with Hurricane G on her album, All Woman,” Domingo Padilla wrote.

Gloria was a kind-hearted and funny person. But when she was mad, stay out of her way L.O.L. “We recorded that album in my apartment in Ozone Park, Queens, on a Tascam 388, and I took the whole reel machine to 78/88 studios and dumped the music onto 2-inch reels.” 

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According to Padilla, he would “miss speaking with her on the phone and hearing her say, “Domingo, you got that funky ass fire for me or what motherfucker?”

Condolences Flooded onTwitter

Hip tweeted, “Gloria Rodriguez, better known by her stage name Hurricane G, was a Puerto Rican-born American rapper. Billboard Magazine ranked her 1997 single “Somebody Else” at #10 on their Hot Rap Singles chart and #54 on their Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks chart.”

Mary tweeted, “Fun facts about Hurricane G, a Puerto Rican rapper who goes by the stage name Gloria Rodriguez She was born in Brooklyn, New York City. She was the first female rapper in the Hit Squad. She is also the intro to Redman’s “Tonight’s Da Night” and Erick Sermon’s mother, who goes by the E.P.M.D. name Lexus. On Sunday, November 6, Hurricane G passed away; Teflon posted prayers.”

Teflon posted, “Hurricane G was a Puerto Rican-born rapper whose music was released in the middle and late 1990s. Hurricane G was born Gloria Rodriguez. Erick Sermon, the rapper and producer who is the father of her daughter, confirmed her death. They did not identify the death cause.”


Q.What happened with Hurricane G?

Ans: Gloria Rodriguez, better known by her stage name Hurricane G, was an American rapper of Puerto Rican descent who passed away on November 6, 2022.

Q.With whom did she sing?

Ans: She was on albums by Cocoa Brovaz, Keith Murray, Redman, Xzibit, Delinquent Habits, Funkdoobiest, and others.

Q. How old was Hurricane G when he passed away?

Ans: She was 52 years old.

Q. Which albums Top the charts?

Ans: “Somebody Else,” her 1997 single, reached #10 on Billboard’s Hot Rap Singles chart and #54 on their Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks chart.

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