Final Fantasy 16: Release Date, Characters, Who will be in a fight against Blight

Some series have the distinction of getting an energetic 35-year history. But Final Fantasy could be honoring reality with the impending release of Final Fantasy 16. The 35th series anniversary and its latest installment are both approaches. Thus Final Fantasy 16 will be the primary mainline Final Fantasy game. This series will be in production in seven years and will be a 2023 release.

When is Final Fantasy 16 coming out?

Final Fantasy 16 was unveiling Sony’s PlayStation 5 event on September 16, 2020, previously. Hence the Final Fantasy 16 teaser was almost four minutes long. The teaser then has rendered cutscenes and a sizable amount of gameplay. 

Apart from the previous announcement for Final Fantasy 15, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and Kingdom Hearts 3, the announcement from Square Enix was a pleasant change of pace. Someone felt that the publisher was exposing the teaser too briefly. They also feel that the team gave the titles too early.

Because every game had a sizable gap between the first revealing and publishing time, it does not seem to be an issue. Furthermore, the precise release date for Final Fantasy 16 is still unknown.

The teaser debuted at Playstation’s State of Play event in June 2022. reveals a summer 2023 release window. The producer Naoki Yoshida says owing to the COVID-19 epidemic; they lost nearly a half year of development.

Check Out the Official Trailer of Final Fantasy 16:

Final Fantasy 16 Available Platforms

Final Fantasy 16 plans to be a PlayStation 5 exclusive at this time. To produce a game where you can “go immediately from story sequences into real-time battles. Additionally, back again without loading delays, making the gameplay flow at a breakneck rate.” Yoshida says the team had to use it for the PlayStation 5 design.

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The final card in the game reveals a video. This video announces the game’s platform exclusivity. Interestingly, some tiny text at the bottom also stated, “Also available on PC.” Later, she took this down. 

Final Fantasy 16 will thus be released on the PC. However, it will not be for some time after the PlayStation 5 version. For example, the PC version of Final Fantasy 7 Remake had published on December 16, 2021. It is quite a year after the Playstation 4 version on April 10, 2020. 

Before that, Final Fantasy 15’s publishing date was on PC on March 6, 2018. The date was more than a year after its November 29, 2016, console release. There is a potential that Fantasy 16 will arrive on PC. Hence it is about a year and a half after it debuts on the PlayStation 5.

Final Fantasy 16 and What it Should Be | Gaming Instincts

The Final Fantasy 16 Plot

Final Fantasy 16’s main plot will follow Clive Rosenfield through his adolescence, the 20s, and 30s. The dominants and their eikons will receive much attention. It gives the Eikons enough grandeur to provide unique experiences while managing them in Eikon combat.

Also, the Dominants are lovely places to look at the more mature issues the team wants to represent. An inevitable collision of ideas and ideals occurs when various people with diverse opinions are in the same room. It is one of the more experienced issues the development team inspects with  Fantasy 16’s narrative. 

The Dominant’s narratives will investigate darker and deeper ideas on how individuals ought to live. They ought to follow predetermined paths in life or forge their own. The team chose an M rating for Fantasy 16 because they wanted to deliver the story they wanted without worrying about sticking to a particular rating’s restrictions.

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The plot of the Previous Game Series

Two previous games in the series, Fantasy Type-0 and Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, only share this rating. The Fantasy Type-0 is about child soldiers and has some fierce sequences. It includes one in which a man stabs himself with a sword. Then, in Stranger of Paradise: Fantasy Origin, a sniper shoots a girl, and another character is shot up close. 

All the fans can see similar violent scenes in the latter. It also features a personality who uses the F-word and features dead troops lying in big pools of blood, an impaled character, and bleeding limbs on the ground.

Also, in the main plot, Final Fantasy 16 includes a few side quests that further explore the realm of Valisthea. Also, it includes several in-game compendiums and lore reading materials. It will nevertheless be a whole narrative. There are currently no plans to provide the tertiary content necessary to appreciate or comprehend it. It could be a rebuttal to claims that the narrative of Final Fantasy 15 isn’t complete. 

The cast of Final Fantasy 16

Clive Rosenfield’s role in Final Fantasy 16 was the first child of the Archduke of Rosaria. Joshua was Clive’s younger brother. Joshua receives the dominance. Also, he intended to inherit Phoenix and become its doyen.

Then Clive devoted himself to learning the sword to carve out his path. He finally earns the privilege of being the First Shield of Rosaria. The guardian of the Phoenix is capable of using some of the fire of the Eikon. Clive’s career magically ends at the hands of the enigmatic black Eikon, ifrit, sending him on a quest for retribution.

Joshua Rosenfield is five years younger than Clive and is the second child of the Archduke of Rosaria and the Dominant of Phoenix. Further, he feels terrible for having inherited Phoenix’s power.

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Because he passionately admires his older brother, whom he views as bolder and more robust. However, Joshua will have his emotional and physical fortitude tested after the catastrophic incidents that alter the brothers’ lives for all time.

Other Cast of Final Fantasy 16

Rosaria abducted Jill Warrick from her native Northern Territories to become her ward. It was an end to the battle between the two rival realms. She is also an equal member of the Rosenfield family to the Archduke’s sons. This situation is after growing up with them. The brothers hold her in high regard as a confidante and describe her as gentle, charming, and humble.

Hugo Kupka has advanced from being an anonymous foot soldier to serving as the Dhalmekian Republic’s Permanent Economic Advisor. He rose to his current position due to his role as the Eikon Titan’s Dominant. Moreover, he has accumulated wealth by using this position to influence the country’s armed forces and government.

He will share an enigmatic connection with Benedikta Harman, the cruel and cold-hearted Eikon Garuda Dominant. She is in charge of the Kingdom of Waloed’s top intelligence units. In addition, during a mission to locate the second Eikon of Fire, she meets Clive and is forced to confront her past. Torgal, the adorable wolf-pup that will also be seen, is the last but certainly not least in the trailer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the name of the 35th anniversary of the game?

Ans.35 is the 35th-anniversary name of the game.

  • When is Final Fantasy 16 released?

Ans. It will release in 2023.

  • What was the company’s name that announced the release of Final Fantasy 16?

Ans. Square Enix company was the company that announced the release of Final Fantasy 16.

  • When was Final Fantasy 16 unveiled at a Sonys PlayStation 5 event?

Ans. On September 16, 2020, Sony’s PlayStation 5 event.

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