I’m A Celebrity 2022 : Who much are the stars getting paid?

The hit ITV show I’m A Celebrity 2022 is back in Australia. For the first time since 2019. It has been held in Wales for the past two years because of Covid rules.

Everyone wants to know how much the stars get paid to be on the popular reality TV show. Some stars get hundreds of thousands of dollars to participate, while others get much less.

A glimpse of the show  I’m Celebrity 2022

People think that once they get out of the woods, they will make a lot of money because their popularity grows weekly on the show.

Also, the number of people who follow them on social media will grow, making big brands want to advertise and sponsor them more.

The cast for I’m a Celebrity 2022 has finally been announced, including famous people like Boy George and Royal Mike Tindall.

How much are I'm A Celebrity 2022 stars getting paid and which contestant  is worth the most money? - YorkshireLive

How much do the stars of I’m a Celebrity in 2022 get paid?

ITV bosses have never said how much money celebrities make for appearing on the show. The Mirror says that celebrities can expect to make between £30,000 and £600,000 for their time on the show. Moreover, it depends on how well-known they are.

Boy George may have been paid considerably for his time on the show. He signed a £1 million contract, the most any contestant has ever been paid to be on the show.

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Mike Tindall will be the first royal person on I’m A Celebrity 2022, and he will make the most of that. The amount of money Mike Tindall has is 15 million pounds sterling.

Chris Moyles is the first celebrity to arrive in Australia for the new show I’m a Celebrity…Get me out of here! He will be paid a total of £250,000. Moreover, this makes him one of the highest-paid stars on the show.

ITV I'm A Celebrity 2022 stars' pay as one becomes highest-paid ever -  Birmingham Live

How much are other contestants getting paid?

Jill Scott, who used to play soccer professionally in England, will switch to the Australian Forest soccer field as she goes on tour.  The midfielder is thought to be worth about £4 million.

Olivia Atwood from Love Island finds out what it’s like to make a lot of money through Internet divestitures. Reality TV star Olivia Atwood will be the first to participate in the show as a contestant. Olivia doesn’t say how much she pays for the drop, but her wealth is thought to be a staggering £1.2 million.

People think celebrities only join I’m a Celebrity for the money. However, many of this year’s contestants are already trading. “They don’t care about the money; they want the memories.”

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